Best of Echoes 2020-The Top 30 Albums of the Year

The Best of Echoes 2020: 30 Albums for Pandemic Times

The Best of Echoes 2020

See Spotify Playlist Below

  1. Agnes Obel – Myopia (Blue Note) [iTunes] {Podcast}
  2. AVAWaves – Waves (One Little Independent) [iTunes] {Podcast}
  3. Steve Roach – Tomorrow (Projekt Records) [iTunes] {Podcast}
  4. Digitonal – Set the Weather Fair (Just Music) [iTunes
  5. Ane Brun  – After the Great Storm (Balloon Ranger) [iTunes] {Podcast}
  6. Yppah – Sunset in the Deep End (Future Archive Recordings) [iTunes]{Podcast} {Concert}
  7. Michael Whalen – Sacred Spaces (Solace/Myndstream) [iTunes] {Podcast}
  8. Ian Boddy – Axiom (Din Records) [iTunes]
  9. Jake Shimabukuro – Trio (Music Theories) [iTunes] {Podcast} {Concert}
  10. Aukai – Game Trails (Aukai Music) [iTunes] {Concert}
  11. Tangerine Dream – Recurring Dreams (Kscope Import) [iTunes] {Podcast}
  12. Kevin Keller – The Front Porch of Heaven (Kevin Keller Prod) [iTunes]
  13. Moby  – All Visible Objects (Mute) [iTunes] {Podcast}
  14. David Helpling – Rune (Spotted Peccary) [iTunes] {Podcast}
  15. Gracie & Rachel – Hello Weakness, You Make Me Strong (Righteous Babe) [iTunes] {Podcast}
  16. Erik Wollo & Michael Stearns – Convergence (Projekt Records) [iTunes] {Podcast}
  17. Purity Ring – Womb (4AD) [iTunes]
  18. Mimi Goese & Ben Neill – Life You Are (Blue Math) [iTunes]
  19. Robert Rich – Neurogenesis (Band Camp)
  20. Darshan Ambient – A Day Like Any Other (Spotted Peccary) [iTunes] {Podcast}
  21. Gyan Riley – Shelter in Space (Agyanamus Music) [iTunes]
  22. Mark Dwane – Future Tense (Band Camp) [iTunes] {Podcast}
  23. Grimes – Miss Anthropocene (4AD) [iTunes]
  24. Emancipator – Mountain of Memory (Loci Records) [iTunes] {Podcast}
  25. Michael Rother – Dreaming (Groenland) [iTunes] {Podcast}
  26. Jim Kimo West – More Guitar Stories (Westernmost Records) [iTunes]
  27. Myrkur – Folkesange (Relapse) [iTunes]
  28. California Guitar Trio – Elegy (Pepa Paldo Music) [iTunes] {Podcast}
  29. John Gregorius – Full of Life (Spotted Peccary) [iTunes]
  30. Hans Christian – After the Fall (Allemande Music) [iTunes] {Podcast}

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