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Echoes Concerts: SHEL

Watch a video of the SHEL song “I’m Just a Shadow,” and listen to the entire half-hour live performance that appeared on Echoes. It features live versions of tunes from their latest CD, Just Crazy Enough.

Lyla Foy Plays Live on Echoes

Lyla Foy

Lyla Foy Brings her Haunting Songs to Echoes Live.  A lot of modern singers can’t bring it live.  They need backing tapes, ghost vocals, and rhythm tracks, if not more.  I remember one live Echoes session where the only sound in the studio was a lone voice, barely.  Everything else, vocal harmonies, bass, guitar, drums and…

S. Carey Live on Echoes

Sean Carey

Bon Iver Drummer Creates Naturalist Dream Pop Sean Carey has spent the last few years stroking drums and providing harmony vocals behind dream folk artist Bon Iver. So it’s not surprising that when he records as S.Carey, his own music has that same slow motion melancholy feel. But Carey brings some other elements to his…