In Concert: Andreas Vollenweider

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Andreas Vollenweider

Hear harpist Andreas Vollenweider playing live. Echoes connects remotely with the Swiss artist in his home, for an exclusive live performance of music from his new album, SlowFlow and Dancer along with some classic tunes. Vollenweider has won a Grammy, and in the 1980s and 90s was a signature artist of the new modern instrumental sound, and a pioneer of world fusion. Joined by his longtime percussionist, Walter Keiser, Vollenweider weaves his fanciful and improvised melodies together.

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0:00:00 In Concert: Andreas Vollenweider
0:03:00 Andreas Vollenweider As We Sail On By (live)  Slow Flow and Dancer
0:06:52 Andreas Vollenweider Micro Macro (live)  Behind the Gardens Behind the Wall Under the Tree
0:12:40 Andreas Vollenweider Slow Flow (live)  Slow Flow and Dancer
0:15:45 Andreas Vollenweider Woman and the Stone (live)  White Winds
0:21:20 Andreas Vollenweider The Secret The Candle and Love (live)  Down to the Moon 


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