Monday, October 8 - Interview: Jan Hammer

Jan Hammer was the keyboardist from Mahavishnu Orchestra and the creator of the famed Miami Vice TV score. Join us as the 70 year old Hammer casts back on his career and discusses his new music.

Wednesday, October 10 - In Concert: Mirah

Mirah has been on the alternative scene for many years, coming out of the indie folk tradition. She released a new album, Understanding, earlier this year. She comes in to play music live on Echoes.

Thursday, October 11 - New Music

Chad Lawson has released some great ambient chamber albums over the last few years, interpreting Chopin and others. Now he has an album of original music called Re:Piano that sends his piano through all kinds of ambient processing. We'll hear that, along with recent releases by Neko Case, Buck Curran, Olafur Arnalds, and others.

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