Tuesday, May 21 - New Music

New music from the artist formerly known as Talitha Rise and Rise. Now she’s using her real name, Jo Beth Young. The music is still as magical on her latest release, Broken Spells.

Wednesday, May 22 - New Music

On the next Echoes, Golden Blue, a husband and wife duo making an intoxicating dream pop. We’ll also hear music from New Zealand’s Melissa Cox who one magazine calls, "medieval hip-hop."

Thursday, May 23 - Slow Flow Echoes

We'll hear new music by Michael Whalen. His album, Watercolor Sky is an homage to Windham Hill Records, and features Windham Hill artists including founder Will Ackerman.

Friday, May 24 - New Music

New music by Abby Sage. Her debut album is called The Rot. She says “The Rot album focuses on the decomposition and reconstruction of everything she was taught growing up.”

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