Monday, June 10 - Interview: Carl Craig

We hear from a giant of Detroit techno music when John Diliberto talks with Carl Craig. His music burst through all the stereotypes of techno to create a more symphonic sound.

Tuesday, June 11 - New Music

Music from Arooj Aftab, the Pakistani-American singer who wraps you in dark sultriness. We'll hear from her album, Night Reign. We'll also hear a psychedelic band called Magic Fig.

Wednesday, June 12 - Edgar Froese's Aqua at 50

On the next Echoes we get liquid with Edgar Froese's solo debut album, Aqua, released 50 years ago. Froese was the founding member of Tangerine Dream, but this album goes more experimental.

Thursday, June 13 - Slow Flow Echoes

New music by Immersion, the duo of Colin Newman and Malka Spigel. They have a new album called Nanocluster Vol. 2 and we'll hear their collaboration with Thor Harris from the band Swans.

Friday, June 14 - New Music

On the next echoes, new music from Moby. His new album, Always Centered at Night, features a different vocalist on every track. We’ll also hear the latest by dream pop duo Still Corners.

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