Monday, October 19 - Interview: Amon Tobin

Amon Tobin, early pioneer of jazz driven electronic music, has returned after a four-year hiatus with new music, and pseudonyms, including psychedelic persona Figueroa.

Tuesday, October 20 - New Music

Sufjan Stevens goes all electronic on an album of life ruminations called The Ascension, maybe his most darkly melodic album ever. Also going deep, but more acoustic, is Ane Brun.

Wednesday, October 21 - New Music

Todavia is a dream-pop band from Los Angeles that is channeling The Cocteau Twins. They have a new album, Orange Faint of Sky. We’ll also hear from singer Marya Stark off her album, Sapphire.

Thursday, October 22 - New Music

We hear from Michael Whalen's latest release, a meditative album for keyboards and the Japanese shakuhachi flute played by Blue Monk. It’s called Karmic Dreams.

Friday, October 23 - Slow Flow Echoes

Norwegian guitar legend Terje Rypdal returns to the form of his classic 1970s albums on a new one called Conspiracy. We’ll also hear from ambient chamber music group Digitonal.

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