Tuesday,May 11 - Interview: Leandrul

Leandrul creates beautiful electro-pop music with deep psychological implications. Psychosis of Dreams is not a metaphor. It's about real trauma with mental health and recovery.

Wednesday, May 12 - Peter Gabriel: Icon of Echoes

The 21st Icon is Peter Gabriel. From Genesis, solo albums and the score to The Last Temptation of Christ, we'll hear a suite of his music and the world music he's nurtured on his Real World Music label.

Thursday, May 13 - Slow Flow Echoes

We'll hear a space music epic by David Wright. The Lost Colony is a soundtrack for a graphic novel by Matt Howarth. We'll also hear something by Comit from An Ocean of Thoughts.

Friday, May 14 - Slow Flow Echoes

We'll hear electronic pop from Decouplr, a pair of musicians from Philadelphia who are tapping a deep vein of soulful synthesis. We'll also hear music from Scotland's Moqwai.

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