Tuesday, January 21 - Echoes at the Grammys

The 62nd Annual Grammy Awards telecast is this Sunday, January 26th. We take an Echoes dive into a different side of the Grammy Awards with music from Tycho, Peter Kater, Lana Del Rey and more.

Wednesday, January 22 - New Music

Nicholas Godin, one half of the band Air, has a new album of retro electro-pop out called Concrete and Glass. We’ll hear that, and a duo called Dreaming of Ghosts, with Robot Koch and Fiora.

Thursday, January 23 - Slow Flow Echoes

On an all-instrumental Slow Flow Echoes, Lawson Rollins continues his Nuevo Flamenco ways on his album True North. Aquiver takes us into the down tempo dub typical of a musician from the Desert Dwellers circle.

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