Monday, July 15 - Structures from Silence at 40

Forty years ago Steve Roach released his influential album, Structures from Silence. It’s a CD of quiet spaces and contemplation. He talks about the creation of this seminal work on Echoes.

Tuesday, July 16 - Interview: Kaleida

Kaleida are a dream-pop duo from England and America sculpting a personal sound born from evocative, but minimally-deployed electronics and sensual singing. Their new album is In Arms.

Wednesday, July 17 - New Music

On the next Echoes, music from New Age diva, Marya Stark. She teams up with multi-instrumentalist Daniel Berkman playing Kora, Cello and Ondomo. Their album is Underground River.

Thursday, July 18 - New Music

Deadmau5 is one of the more adventurous of EDM artists. His new single takes its name from the feathered serpent of Aztec mythology, Quetzalcoatl. That and more tonight on Echoes.

Friday, July 19 - Slow Flow Echoes

On a Slow Flow Echoes, the ambient guitar twang of The Royal Arctic Institute. We'll hear from their latest album, From Catharsis to Coma. We’ll also hear from Craig Padilla and Marvin Allen.

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