Monday, April 15 - In Concert: Julia Kent

Julia Kent started as a classical cellist, then joined the rockin’ cello band Rasputina. She’s been making solo looping cello music since 2007. She comes in to play songs from her latest recording, Temporal.

Tuesday, April 16 - Interview: Rachel Eckroth

Rachel Eckroth started out as a jazz pianist but has drifted into electronic dream pop, as heard on her latest recording, When It Falls. We talk to Rachel Eckroth about getting weird on Echoes.

Wednesday, April 17 - Interview: Bluetech

Bluetech’s The Four Horsemen of the Electrocalypse series has finally been combined into CD and vinyl packages. So we revisit our interview with the prolific electronic musician.

Thursday, April 18 - Slow Flow Echoes

On an all-instrumental Slow Flow Echoes, electronic artist Emancipator teams up with 9 Theory on a techno-tribal EP called Cheeba Gold. And we'll hear some new acoustic guitar music from Robert Linton.

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