Monday, August 19 - In Concert: Eve Maret

Eve Maret is a resolutely electronic artist, influenced by early electro-pop pioneers like Suicide and Depeche Mode. She comes in with her synthesizers and a vocal processor to perform the music off her debut album, No More Running.

Tuesday, August 20 - Interview: Beacon

Beacon is an electro-pop group that mixes R&B and mysticism in an expansive electronic sound. Thomas Mullarney III and Jacob Gossett talk about the influence of religion and the writings of Walter Russell on their album, Gravity Pairs.

Thursday, August 22 - Interview: Rachel Eckroth

Rachel Eckroth started out as a jazz pianist but transformed into a singer-songwriter and then into a composer of electronic dream pop. We talk to Rachel Eckroth about her latest CD When It Falls, on Echoes.

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