Monday, July 6 - CD of the Month: Aukai's Game Trails

Aukai is making a rarefied music that traverses world fusion, neo-classical, folk, and with this album, a bit of electronic music. This expansive, cinematic album of world ambient chamber music will elevate your soul.

Thursday, July 9 - Slow Flow Echoes

On this all-instrumental Slow Flow, we'll hear new music by Bruce Cockburn, and a recent release from British modular electronic artist Nigel Mullaney, called 31 Days.

Friday, July 10 - New Music

We'll hear a recent recording by JFDR: that’s an abbreviation of her more complicated Icelandic name, Jófríður Ákadóttir. We’ll also hear electronic music by Spinger from the album, Invisible Tree.

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