Monday, August 8 - Interview: Tone Ranger

We hit the trail and take an electronic journey with Tone Ranger. That's Alex Simon, and he's creating desert southwest landscapes that merge electronics with guitar and pedal steel guitar.

Tuesday, August 9 - New Music

October Project singer Mary Fahl digs into her past with a new album of covers called Can't Get It Out of My Head. It's a collection of mostly 60s and 70s songs rendered in Mary Fahl's immaculate voice

Wednesday, August 10 - New Music

The return of Elizabeth Fraser. The spell-binding singer of wordless incantations from The Cocteau Twins finally has a new project, Sun's Signature, and they have put out their debut EP.

Thursday, August 11 - Slow Flow Echoes

On this Slow Flow Echoes, more new music by guitarist Bill Nelson. He's been releasing a voluminous amount of albums recorded between 2015 and 2019. One of the latest is Electra, in Search of the Golden Sound.

Friday, August 12 - New Music

Alison Wonderland is Australia's Alexandra Margo Sholler, who is a DJ, producer and singer. We'll hear from her album, Loner. We'll also hear from S. Carey and his album, Break Me Open.

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