Monday, September 19 - In Concert: Mary Fahl

Songs you've heard before, performed live by Mary Fahl. The immaculate voice of the 90s band October Project has a new solo album covering songs from her youth called I Can't Get It Out of My Head.

Wednesday, September 21 - New Music

We'll hear music from Plaster Cast. They create a downtempo slo-core sound reminiscent of The XX. We'll also hear Rebecca Pidgeon's new album of mantra-influenced songs called Parts of Speech, Pieces of Sound.

Thursday, September 22 - Slow Flow Echoes

On a Slow Flow Echoes, music by Aukai, featuring the South American instrument called the charango. They carve out delicate, brush stroked music on the new album, Apricity.

Friday, September 23 - New Music

One the next Echoes, music by Klaus Schulze. We'll hear a track from the final album by the legendary German electronic artist, Deus Arrakis. We’ll also hear from Sharon Van Etten.

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