Tuesday, December 6 - Interview: Airport People

We talk with Airport People: not weary airline travelers, but ambient chamber music artist Leon Todd Johnson. He has an album of creaky-piano-centered compositions called From Nine Mornings.

Wednesday, December 7 - New Music

Music by Karmacoda, a band out of San Francisco. They're tapping that old Trip-hop sound on their new album Lessons in Time. We'll also hear from Aukai's new album called Apricity.

Thursday, December 8 - Slow Flow Echoes

On a Slow Flow Echoes, new music by Bruno SanFilippo. He's Argentine-born but based in Spain. He has crafted a new album inspired by social media called REDES, which is Spanish for network.

Friday, December 9 - New Music

New music on Echoes by Weyes Blood from her album And in the Darkness Hearts Aglow, and a release by Moby from his new label, teaming up with Jamaican-Asian singer Akemi Fox.

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