Monday, April 8 - An Echoes Eclipse Soundscape

Shade your eyes, it’s a Solar Eclipse Soundscape on the next Echoes. Much of the country will be experiencing a solar eclipse on April 8th. Here’s the soundtrack for your journey.

Tuesday, April 9 - Interview: Le Mort D'Abby

Le Morte d’Abby means "the death of Abby," but Abigail Lentz, who assumed that artist name, is very much alive. She was an army brat, but also a goth. Now she marshals sequencers, getting them in line.

Wednesday, April 10 - Long Tracks

It’s another Journey into Long Tracks on the next Echoes. We’ll be hearing the title track to Michael Hoenig’s Escape from the Northern Wastelands, some Mike Oldfield, Nils Frahm, and more.

Thursday, April 11 - Slow Flow Echoes

We have the debut of Dark Sky Alliance. This group includes percussionist Jerry Marotta, keyboardist Rupert Greenall, electronic artist Eric “the” Taylor, and guitarist David Helpling.

Friday, April 12 - Echoes of Dune

Fear is the mind killer. Musicians have been inspired by Frank Herbert's "Dune" since it came out. On the heels of the new Dune movie, Echoes creates musical visions of "Dune."

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