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Enhance Your Business’ Impact with Echoes Underwriting

Underwriting ExampleGain exposure to your business or organization by underwriting with Echoes and connect with over 200,000 listeners every week! Echoes underwriters reach an influential, well positioned, and highly educated public radio audience nationally, reaching into the homes, automobiles and workplaces of Echoes listeners.

You can also place an ad on our popular Echoes website. Your ad will appear next to Echoes content, creating a visual connection with your company, for our listeners.

What Exactly is Underwriting:

Underwriting is a tax deductible financial contribution made by a business or organization to Echoes in exchange for an on-air acknowledgement of their sponsorship in the form of a 30 second announcement.

Research shows:

  • 80% of public radio listeners have a more positive opinion of a business or organization that supports public radio.
  • Over 70% of public radio listeners indicate that a business or organization’s support of public radio is a positive influence on their decision to purchase products or services from them.
  • 85% of listeners believe that business or organizations that support public radio do so because they are interested in serving the public interest.

Advantages of Underwriting:

  • No Commercial Clutter – limited number of underwriting announcements per hour.
  • Listeners associate underwriters with Echoes quality programming.
  • Enhanced image.
  • Increased sales.


Echoes is a 501(c) 3 charity. That means your underwriting cost is completely tax deductible. You’ll also be supporting the radio show that’s bringing an audience to the sounds of acoustic guitars, ambient,electronic and new acoustic music.


For more information about marketing your business, service or product on the Echoes Soundscape, contact: Jenni Baier at 610-827-7040 or jenni@echoes.org