Send Music

Thank you for inquiring about submissions to Echoes.


Echoes is a two hour, daily music show heard on over 110 public radio stations in the United States.

Artists and music are the lifeblood of Echoes and we are always seeking out new material to feed the beast.  We welcome your submissions to Echoes.

We strongly encourage you to send a link to your digital download files. AIFF and .wav formats preferred. Bandcamp download codes are the best. If you are submitting digital files, please send us a link to .wav or aiff files stored in a zip folder. Please do not attach the files to the email. Send downloads to echoes@echoes.orgWe cannot reply to individual emails. We do accept music submissions on CD (see mailing address below), but we prefer downloads.

Keep in mind that not all music is appropriate for Echoes. You may have created a masterpiece, but it may not fit with the Echoes sound or mission. Don’t take it personally. We receive over 2500 submissions each year; it may take awhile for us to review your submission. For an idea of what we play, check out our broadcasts, our podcasts and our playlists.

Our daily playlists are available through our website. If your recording doesn’t appear there, chances are it is not being played or we haven’t gotten to it yet.

We direct our listeners to, Bandcamp, and iTunes to purchase CDs or songs heard on the program. Listing your albums with them is NOT a prerequisite for Echoes airplay, but it’s just an easy way for you to benefit from Echoes airplay by making it easier for Echoes listeners to buy your CDs.

When submitting CDs, send one copy only of the full production release of your CD. Include your contact name, address, phone, and e-mail, and send to:

P.O. Box 256
Chester Springs, PA 19425

Don’t send vinyl or cassettes.

We cannot reply to individual emails.

Echoes cannot return any material that is submitted.