In Concert: California Guitar Trio

The California Guitar Trio Live on Echoes Extended Version

California Guitar Trio – photo by Gary Bandfield

Hear the extended version of our concert with The California Guitar Trio.  This includes their performance of Pink Floyd’s “Echoes” which was too long for the broadcast. Get ready for some guitar virtuosity and an instrument that isn’t a guitar. As if 18 strings weren’t enough, they’ve replaced one guitarist with Tom Griesgraber who plays the 12-string Chapman Stick, giving them a total of 24 strings. We’ll hear this new configuration of CGT coming in to play three new, and thus far, unreleased tracks.  We’ll also have a guest appearance by Italian electric guitarist  Fabio Mittino.

In Concert: The Calfornia Guitar Trio
with special guest, Fabio Mittino

Start Time

Group Name

Song Name

Album Name

0:02:08 California Guitar Trio Flickering Lights (live)  (unreleased)
0:07:58 California Guitar Trio Irish Ditty (live)  (unreleased)
0:11:50 California Guitar Trio Albinoni’s Adagio in G Minor (live)  (unreleased)
0:18:02 California Guitar Trio Sunset Blvd. (live)  (unreleased)
0:23:23 California Guitar Trio Hallitussilmad (live)  Elegy
0:28:40 California Guitar Trio Echoes (live) Echoes


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