In Concert: Vin Downes

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Vin Downes is an acclaimed finger-style guitarist who has worked with Will Ackerman and the group FLOW, as well as recording eight solo albums.  His latest is Three Evenings, a set of delicately-wrought guitar solos that includes a tribute to his mentor, Will Ackerman. Vin performs  music from Three Evenings, and more, live on Echoes.

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0:00:00 In Concert: Vin Downes
0:02:35 Vin Downes Something in You Remembers (live)  Three Evenings
0:06:57 Vin Downes Belonging Just Where You Are (live) Three Evenings
0:12:14 Vin Downes The Tree Still Thinks of Tom (live)  Three Evenings
0:14:52 Vin Downes Imagine Leaving this Place (live)  Three Evenings
0:19:10 Vin Downes So She Spins (live)  Good Light to Go By
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