An Echoes Christmas with Mary Fahl

In Concert: An Echoes Christmas with Mary Fahl

Mary Fahl - Christmas 2022

Mary Fahl in profile on cover of Winter Songs and Carols.Join us for An Echoes Christmas with Mary Fahl. Mary Fahl is a singer with a powerful voice that was first heard with the popular 1990s alt-rock group, October Project. Since leaving the band, she’s been following her own path as a singer-songwriter whose sensibilities are in the late 60s tradition of British folk-rock and North American singer-songwriters. Her latest album is Can’t Get It Out of My Head, a release of cover tunes from that era.  But in 2019 she put out Winter Songs and Carols, on which she mixes traditional carols with more contemporary winter songs by artists like Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen and Sandy Denny. She comes in with her band to perform music from that album live.

In Concert: An Echoes Christmas with Mary Fahl

Start Time

Group Name

Song Name

Album Name

0:00:00  An Echoes Christmas with Many Fahl
0:01:50 Mary Fahl The Wexford Carol (live)  Winter Songs and Carols
0:07:09 Mary Fahl (Joni Mitchell) Urge for Going (live)  Winter Songs and Carols
0:13:42 Mary Fahl (Howard Blake) Walking the Air (live)  Winter Songs and Carols
0:18:10 Mary Fahl (Sandy Denny) No End (live)  Winter Songs and Carols
0:22:38 Mary Fahl (Leonard Cohen) Winter Lady (live)  Winter Songs and Carols
0:25:55 Mary Fahl Exiles – The Wolves of Midwinter (live)  Love and Gravity
0:31:30 Mary Fahl What Child is This (live)  Winter Songs and Carols


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