In Concert: Saul Stokes

Saul Stokes a.k.a. Taiyo Rey' live Electronics on Echoes.

Saul Stokes - EMEAPP-2023

An electronic trip live with Taiyo Rey and Saul Stokes. They are actually the same person, and have been creating inventive and singular electronic music for decades. Taiyo Rey is more upbeat and melodic than Stokes’s solo works but this concert splits the difference.  Taiyo Rey released two albums in 2022, Visitor and Shattering Stimuli. (By the way, he’s not playing any of those large keyboards behind him in the picture, instead relying on a quirky array of smaller synthesizers and samplers.) Join Saul Stokes when he plugs in, and Taiyo Rey emerges, at the Electronic Music Education and Preservation Project, when we hear him perform live on Echoes.

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Group Name

Song Name

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0:00:00 In Concert: Saul Stokes
0:02:33 Saul Stokes Broken Stars (Live)  Tuned to the Moon (unreleased)
0:12:23 Saul Stokes Slowly Fell Away (Live)  Tuned to the Moon (unreleased)
0:20:13 Saul Stokes Tuned to the Moon (Live)  Tuned to the Moon (unreleased)


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