Echoes Podcast: Interview with YPPAH

Echoes Podcast: YPPAH's Psychedelic Dance: The Echoes Interview

YPPAH is happy spelled backwards and it’s the name of an ambiently inclined post rock group headed up by Joe Corrales.  He’s gone through heavy metal, drum and bass, hip-hop and Turkish psychedelic music to arrive at a joyful sound in the orbit of artists like Tycho, The Album Leaf and Explosions in the Sky.  Earlier this year they released the album, Sunset in the Deep End which made the Top 5 of the Best of Echoes 2020 , So Far. Get YPPAH with John Diliberto’s interview and sound profile in the Echoes Podcast.

You can Catch YPPAH’s exhilarating live Echoes performance streaming right here.

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