Streaming Concert: YPPAH’s Post-Rock Ambient Space Live

YPPAH Plays Their Electro-Post-Rock Live on Echoes


Everybody get happy with YPPAH. YPPAH is the electronic band that channels psychedelic, hip-hop and minimalism. They came into the studio just under the Corona Virus wire  to play music off their dynamic new album, Sunset in the Deep End. You can read John Diliberto’s review of this album in his article 10 Albums to Buy on Bandcamp: Bandcamp Waives Revenue Share  Dive in with YPPAH, live on Echoes.

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Group Name

Song Name

Album Name

0:00:00 In Concert: YPPAH
0:31:02 YPPAH By Then It’ll be Too Late (live) Sunset in the Deep End
0:35:27 YPPAH Shot Into the Sun (live) Sunset in the Deep End
0:41:17 YPPAH High Pines (live) Sunset in the Deep End
0:47:21 YPPAH Autumn Phase (live) Sunset in the Deep End
0:52:20 YPPAH Tree Ghost (live) Sunset in the Deep End

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