Echoes Podcast: Blue Landscapes & AVAWaves

Ambient Chamber Music with AVAWaves and Blue Landscapes in Echoes Podcast.

The Breadth of Ambient Chamber Music in the Echoes Podcast with Blue Landscapes and AVAWaves.
Ambient Chamber Music is a meeting of classical music and ambient music and the duos of AVAWaves and Blue Landscapes are approaching it from very different directions.  Blue Landscapes, is the duo of latin and jazz flutist Damjan Krajacic and classical concert pianist Robert Thies and their approach is based in intuitive improvisation. From their LA studio, they talk about improvising their impressionistic ambient chamber music with only acoustic instruments, but using post-production processing and loops to create a sound influenced by ECM and Windham Hill Records. Their latest album is Blue Landscapes III: Frontiers.
AVAWaves is violinist Anna Phoebe and keyboardist Aisling Brouwer, both are classically trained, but each have gone in new directions. Collectively they have created film scores, classical works, TV commercials for Christian Dior and performed with Jethro Tull, Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Roxy Music.  Those last three are actually just Phoebe who also has a few solo albums in a orchestral progressive rock vein.  Together though, they go deeper, crafting a haunting and unremittingly beautiful sound. Their debut album, Waves, will be Echoes CD of the Month in May. From their homes in Berlin and Kent, they talk about their meeting of classical and ambient music.

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