Best of Echoes 2020… So far. The Top 25

The Best of Echoes 2020. . . So Far. The Top 25 Albums at the Years Midpoint

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The Top 25.

  1. AVAWaves – Waves (One Little Independent) [itunes]AvaWaves

  2. Agnes Obel – Myopia (Blue Note) [itunes]

  3. Yppah – Sunset in the Deep End (Future Archive Recordings) [itunes]

  4. Michael Whalen – Sacred Spaces (Real Music) [itunes]

  5. Jake Shimabukuro – Trio (Music Theories) [itunes]

  6. Aukai – Game Trails (Aukai Music) [itunes]

  7. Grimes – Miss Anthropocene (4AD) [itunes]

  8. Tangerine Dream – Recurring Dreams (Kscope Import) [itunes]

  9. Myrkur – Folkesange (Relapse) [itunes]

  10. David Helpling – Rune (Spotted Peccary) [itunes]

  11. Purity Ring – Womb (4AD) [itunes]

  12. Hans Christian – After the Fall (CD Baby) [itunes]

  13. Darshan Ambient – A Day Like Any Other (Spotted Peccary) [itunes]

  14. Steve Roach – The Sky Opens (Projekt Records) [itunes]

  15. Emancipator – Mountain of Memory (Loci Records) [itunes]

  16. John Gregorius – Full of Life (Spotted Peccary) [itunes]

  17. Moby – All Visible Objects (Mute) [itunes]

  18. Niemi – Spiraalit/Spirals (Nordic Notes) [itunes]

  19. Pat Metheny – From This Place (Nonesuch) [itunes]

  20. Tigerforest – Discovery (Lemongrassmusic) [itunes]

  21. Seamus Egan – Early Bright (Thl Records) [itunes]

  22. Ben Blackett – Portals (Heart Dance Records) [itunes]

  23. Austra – HiRUDiN (Domino Recording Co) [itunes]

  24. Blue Landscapes – Blue Landscapes III: Frontiers (Real Music) [itunes]

  25. Stephanie Sante – Dark Matter Evolution (Sante Music) [itunes]

Hear Blue Landscapes in the Echoes Podcast.
Hear Tigerforest in the Echoes Podcast.
Hear Steve Roach in the Echoes Podcast.
Hear Hans Christian in the Echoes Podcast.
Hear David Helpling in the Echoes Podcast.
Hear Tangerine Dream in the Echoes Podcast.
Hear Jake Shimabukuro in the Echoes Podcast.
Hear Michael Whalen in the Echoes Podcast.
Hear Agnes Obel in the Echoes Podcast.
Hear AVAWaves in the Echoes Podcast.

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