Echoes Podcast: Tigerforest & Kitaro

Kitaro & Tigerforest's Gunnar Spardel in Echoes Podcast

Gunnar Spardel

In the Echoes Podcast Two Generations of Electronic Artists: Tigerforest’s Gunnar Spardel & Kitaro

From electronic space to ambient chamber music, we talk to Gunnar Spardel, who composes somber and serene chamber music under his own name and upbeat, progressive electronic music under the guise of Tigerforest. His latest album as Tigerforest is Discovery and his latest as Gunnar Spardel is Simplicity in a Complex World, Follow the journey of the German music composer inthe Echoes Podcast. Tigerforest’s 2014 album, The Tides of Day and Night, was an Echoes CD of the Month.

Tigerforest, Gunnar Spardel, Kitaro

In a Throwback 30, we return to the April 1990 album, Kojiki by Kitaro. It was a landmark recording for the Japanese electronic artist that brought his sound into orchestral and world music terrain.  Enter the Throwback Machine in Echoes 30th anniversary year when we go back to interviews from 1986 and 1990 in an early profile of Kitaro on Echoes.

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  1. Extremely interesting. A Very good interview Gunnar, well done. I love you and Amey very, very much, Your proud father Dieter +++

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