Extended Echoes: The Best Albums of 2023

Extended Echoes: The Best Albums of 2023

The Best Albums of 2023 on Echoes

BT - The Secret Language of Trees Hammock - Love In The Void Robert Rich - Travelers' Cloth Amaara - Child of Venus Kevin Keller - Evensong


Echoes Extended

Best-of Echoes 2023  – Top 30
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Group Name

Song Name

Album Name

0:00:00 Tom Eaton

The Lost Years

0:07:50 The Royal Arctic Institute From Catnap To Coma From Coma to Catharsis
0:11:53 Tauon Retreat City Life
0:15:35 Slowdive Skin in the Game Everything is Alive
0:19:19 Vandelux Fly Away When the Light Breaks
0:22:43 David Darling & Hans Christian Unforeseen Rain Ocean Dreaming Ocean
0:29:05 Michael Whalen So Fragile Our April Tigers
0:32:38 Steve Roach Stream of Forever Rest of Life
0:48:47 Quiet Resonance Managua Flight Patterns
0:54:31 Mark Dwane City of Tomorrow The Utopian Paradigm
0:59:49 Balmorhea Elsewhere Pendant World
1:03:35 Tony Sieber Infinity Ambient Guitar Tales
1:08:32 Bill Nelson The Way of the World Marvellous Realms
1:11:36 VEiiLA Made of Air Sentimental Craving for Beauty
1:16:16 Gunnar Spardel Gone Into a World of Light The Fade to Afterlife
1:21:07 Phaeleh Burning Light A New Day
1:26:38 Maps Heya Yaha Counter Melodies
1:30:55 David Arkenstone Darkening Skies Winterlude
1:34:47 Brannan Lane/John Gregorius/Sean O’Bryan Smith The Gate Emergence
1:39:51 Lara Somogyi Lodges (with Cyrus Reynolds) !
1:43:33 Delerium Falling Back to You (with Mimi Page) Signs
1:47:28 Russell Walder The First Truth Speak to the Storm
1:53:30 Heather Woods Broderick Wherever I Go Labyrinth
1:57:06 Penguin Cafe Welcome to London Rain Before Seven…
2:01:47 Lucinda Chua Echo Yian
2:05:45 Kevin Keller Evensong 3 (feat. Katherine Wessinger) Evensong
2:10:29 Amaara The Discovery of Innocence is its Loss (Wide Open) Child of Venus
2:13:43 Robert Rich Loom of Origins Travelers’ Cloth
2:20:26 Hammock Love Love in the Void
2:25:07 BT K-Means Clustering The Secret Language of Trees

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