Echoes Podcast II: Moby 2011 Complete

Moby's Complete 2011 Echoes Interview: Echoes Podcast

Moby at his Drum Machine Wall. pic: Diliberto

Today, I’ve got another extended Echoes Podcast for you. We’re going to hear from Moby. I’ve interviewed him about 7 times, most recently in the spring of this year. But I wanted to go back to one of my early interviews from 2011. This was the second time I spoke to Moby and it was when his album, Destroyed was released. It was the second of what I considered to be a trilogy of more organic and introspective albums that began with Wait for Me and ended with Innocents. At something of a turning point for Moby, we looked back across his career. We spoke in his condo in the NoHo neighborhood New York City on Mott Street where he was living at the time. You’ll hear us talking a lot about his equipment and drum machine wall. All of that has gone since he moved to Los Angeles. Destroyed was Echoes CD of the Month that May as was its predecessor Wait for Me and the next album, Innocents. We talked a lot about those, about his early career, spirituality and Christianity.  Moby’s latest album is Resound NYC, the follow-up to his 2021 album Reprise, both of which revisit Moby’s music with new performances.

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