Friday, Apr 22, 2022 – Echoes Program 2216E

Echoes Earth Day Sonic Celebration

Earth Day Sonic Celebration

It’s the sound of the planet on Echoes as we celebrate Earth Day 2022. Earth Day was created 52 years ago to demonstrate support for the environment and bring global concerns to the fore.  I’m not sure it has quite the buzz it did 10 or 50  years ago, maybe because every day seems like a day to be environmentally conscious.  Today, we’ll hear music drawn from the earth with musicians celebrating the landscape and much of it using natural sounds.  Join us for an Earth Day Sonic Celebration on Echoes from PRX.

Friday, April 22, 2022 – Echoes Program 2216E
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Start Time

Group Name

Song Name

Album Name

First Half Hour

0:01:00 Michael Gettel Lone Tree The View from Here
0:06:00 Nattefrost Hug the Trees Dendrophile
0:10:06 Lis Addison Rhythm of Earth Elements
0:15:47 Mary Lattimore Pine Trees (Home Recording) Collected Pieces II
0:19:10 Joanne Shenandoah The Eagle Watches Peacemaker’s Journey
0:22:46 Carl Weingarten Ember Days Ember Days

Second Half Hour

0:30:18 Shekina Rose The New Earth Frequency The New Earth Frequency 
0:33:48 Colin Rayment Sigiriya Sunrise Polyphonic Memories ll
0:41:58 Otyken Paradise Lost Kykakacha
0:46:22 break
0:47:16 Randal Meek Waves of Makena Longings
0:50:25 Tori Amos Speaking With Trees Ocean to Ocean
0:54:14 Lanterna Redwoods Hidden Drives

Third Half Hour

1:01:00 Hiroki Okano Beyond the Dreamsphere Pt4. Beyond the Dreamsphere
1:06:00 Yaima Greenbrier Earth Trilogy – Two
1:10:40 Bodhiheart Lilies Of The Field Love Rules
1:17:34 David Arkenstone & Wouter Kellerman First Rain Pangaea
1:20:44 Gary Numan I Am Screaming Intruder
1:24:22 Good Lee Crying Earth Water Diary

Fourth Half Hour

1:30:00 Anoushka Shankar Opening Flowering  Drinking (with Norah Jones) Love Letters PS
1:33:44 R. Carlos Nakai Monsoon Morning (with William Eaton & Will Clipman) In Harmony, We Journey: The Best of R. Carlos Nakai  The Second 20 Years
1:38:21 Hollan Holmes The River Emerald Waters
1:44:08 break
1:45:07 Paul Winter Cathedral Forest Earth: Voices of a Planet
1:50:38 Kitaro Earth In Bloom Sacred Journey of Kukai


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