Echoes May 2020 Top 25: AvaWaves Breaks at the Top

Echoes Top 25 for May 2020: AvaWaves Crests at Top Spot

ECHOES May 2020 TOP 25


  1. AvaWavesWaves (One Little Indian)Apple iTunes
  2. John GregoriusFull Of Life (Spotted Peccary) Apple iTunes
  3. Nicolas GodinConcrete and Glass (Because Music) Apple iTunes
  4. Rhian SheehanRecollections Vol. 1 (Rhian Sheehan) Apple iTunes
  5. Peter KaterHawaii (Point of Light Records) Apple iTunes
  6. MobyAll Visible Objects  (Mute) Apple iTunes
  7. Michael WhalenSacred Spaces (Solace/Myndstream) Apple iTunes
  8. TigerforestDiscovery (Lemongrass Music) Apple iTunes
  9. VonaviReflection (61 Seconds) Apple iTunes
  10. Lazy SalonLazy Salon (LZY_SLN) Apple iTunes
  11. MreeThe Middle (Nettwerk Records) Apple iTunes
  12. CosmaksIntrospection (EP) (Sine Music) Apple iTunes
  13. Identical HomesLanguage Lessons (Parks & Records)
  14. Hans Christian – After The Fall (Allemande) Apple iTunes
  15. Lane 8Brightest Lights  (This Never Happened) Apple iTunes
  16. Dreaming Of GhostsDreaming Of Ghosts  (Trees & Cyborgs) Apple iTunes
  17. KayobeIslands to Bridges (Physical Presents / Fontana North) Apple iTunes
  18. Kevin Braheny FortuneDreamwalker Meditation Music
  19. Thomas Lemmer & Christoph Sebastian PabstTiefschneegipfel (Sine Music) Apple iTunes
  20. Jake Shimabukuro TrioTrio (Music Theories) Apple iTunes
  21. Norah JonesPick Me Up Off the Floor (Blue Note Records) Apple iTunes
  22. Rhian Sheehan - RecolenctionsBlue Is NineA Pool Appears
  23. Thorsten QuaeschningThe Capitol Session (Protanopia) Apple iTunes
  24. Al Di MeolaAcross the Universe (Earmusic) Apple iTunes
  25. VariousBehind The Sky Presents: Portals (v/a)

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  1. I like the new Al Di Meola record the most. I would like to hear more of this Beatles tribute “ Across the Universe” as this is by far one of the best records I’ve heard on your station! Please play more! Thankyou, Luca Brazzi

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