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Enya in the Echoes Podcast

Iconic Irish singer, Enya talks about her new album, Dark Sky Island. It’s her first album of all-new material in 7 years. Many of the familiar Enya sounds are there from the pizzacato strings, vocal choirs and of course, the pure beauty of Enya’s voice. She talks about castles, church and the cosmos.

Mree Plays Live on Echoes

Hear Mree perform in a Living Room Concert on Echoes tonight. Mree goes where Enya fears to tread: creating music of stacked and layered vocals, and doing it live without backing tracks. Last year this then-19 year old musician released an album of sublime maturity called Winterwell. I’m still in love with this album.  Mree…

The Echoes Discovery of 2013: Mree

Hear Mree interviewed on Echoes tonight. Technically, Mree isn’t a new artist.  She released her debut album, Glow,  in 2011 when she was all of 17 years old.  But it’s her sophomore release, Winterwell, that revealed an artist of intoxicating depth and studio virtuosity.    Mree is not your typical singer song-writer.  Even though she started…