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Echoes Top 25 for May 2015

Steve Roach’s Skeleton Keys leads Echoes Top 25 for MayECHOES TOP 25 FOR May 2015 Steve Roach – Skeleton Keys (Projekt Records) Another Fine Day – A Good Place to Be  (Interchill Records) Jeff Oster – Next  (Retso Records) Bing & Ruth – Tomorrow was the Golden Age (RVNG International) Jesse Cook – One World  (eOne Music) …

Echoes Top 25 for March 2015

Echoes Top 25 for March finds Lanterna’s CD of the Month, “Backyards” on top. It’s followed by April’s CD pick, Tangerine Dream’s “Supernormal” and February’s selection, Fernwood’s “Arcadia.”

Echoes Top 25 for February 2015

Fernwood - Arcadia

Fernwood and Lanterna bring an Ambient Americana hue to the Echoes Top 25 for February. Both were Echoes CDs of the Month in February and March respectively. Rebekka Karijord, Zola Jesus and Shadowlands among the artists making their Echoes Top 25 debuts.

Echoes Top 25 for January 2015

Dreams and More in Echoes Top 25 for January.The first month of the new year begins strongly with a Top Five that includes 3 CDs of the Month.  At the top is this month’s pick, Sherry Finzer’s haunting Sanctuary III: Beyond the Dream.  There’s last month’s pick, Wax Tailor’s propulsive chanson and Hollywood sound collage,…

Best of Echoes 2014

Best of Echoes 2014

Today we unveil the Best of Echoes 2014. It’s a list that draws from across the Echoes spectrum, revealing the eclectic sound of the show within our framework of chilled moods.

Echoes Top 25 for November 2014

Philip Selway - Weatherhouse

Philip Selway & Wax Tailor Lead Echoes November Top 25ECHOES TOP 25 FOR NOVEMBER 2014 Philip Selway – Weatherhouse (Sony Music Entertainment) Wax Tailor – Phonovisions Symphonic Orchestra (Le Plan)  Tim Farrell – Cascadia (Tim Farrell)  Anja Lechner & Francois Couturier – Moderato Cantabile (ECM New Series)  Orenda Fink – Blue Dream (Saddle Creek)  Chad Lawson – The Chopin Variations (Hillset)  Bonobo – The North Borders…

250 Albums for 25 Years of Echoes

Top 250 Albums

As we celebrate 25 Years of Echoes, listeners voted for their favorite Echoes Albums. Here’s the complete list. You can hear the top 25 of them on the Wednesday, November 19 Echoes broadcast. If you’re a subscriber to Echoes Online, you can hear all 250 in a series of “Wordless Echoes” streams.   Rank Artist…

Echoes Top 25 for October 2014

Echoes Top 25 for October, 2014Does it get any more eclectic than this? 70s space rockers from Germany, minimalist dream-poppers from Austin; a DJ turned electro-folky from England, ambient chamber music from America, and new classical chamber music from Europe, acoustic guitarist from Doylestown, an electro-lounge player self-releasing his music and a drummer from one…