Echoes November 2020 Top 25: Digitonal at the Top

The Echoes Top 25 for Novemberber 2020: Digitonal at the top.

ECHOES November 2020 TOP 25

November Top 25 - Digitonal

  1. DigitonalSet the Weather Fair (Just Music) [iTunes]
  2. Ian BoddyAxiom (Din Music) [iTunes]
  3. Steve RoachTomorrow (Projekt Records) [iTunes]
  4. Ane BrunHow Beauty Holds the Hand of Sorrow (Balloon Ranger) [iTunes]
  5. Ane BrunAfter the Great Storm (Balloon Ranger) [iTunes]
  6. Tom CaufieldThe Time Falling Bodies Take to Light (The Bohemian Embassy) [iTunes]
  7. Greg LisherSongs from the Imperial Garden (MRI) [iTunes]
  8. ShuniaBreeze At Dawn (Shunia)
  9. Gabriel OlafsAbsent Minded Reworks (One Little Independent) [iTunes]
  10. Andreas VollenweiderQuiet Places (AVAF-Music) [iTunes]
  11. Nana Adjoa – Big Dreaming Ants (Bloomer Records) [iTunes]
  12. Erik Wollo & Michael StearnsConvergence (Projekt Records) [iTunes]
  13. Hiroya Tsukamoto – Window To The World (Hiroya Tsukamoto)
  14. Lana Del Rey – Let Me Love You Like A Woman (single) (Polydor Records) [iTunes]
  15. Devika and Holmes – Jab Se Piya Remixes (OVA Records) [iTunes]
  16. Olafur ArnaldsSome Kind of Peace (Mercury KX) [iTunes]
  17. Eric HiltonThe Impossible Silence (Montserrat House) [iTunes]
  18. Thomas Lemmer & Christoph Sebastian PabstBergblick (SINE Music) [iTunes]
  19. Lena NataliaStraight is the Gate (Atelier Rls) [iTunes]
  20. Jon DurantSoul of a River (Real Music) [iTunes]
  21. William TylerNew Vanitas (Merge Records) [iTunes]
  22. Still CornersThe Last Exit (Wrecking Light Records) [iTunes]
  23. LomaDon’t Shy Away (SubPop) [iTunes]
  24. Sufjan StevensThe Ascension (Asthmatic Kitty) [iTunes]
  25. Keith JarrettBudapest Concert (ECM) [iTunes]

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