Echoes January 2021 Top 25: Steve Roach at the Top

The Echoes Top 25 for January 2021: Steve Roach's Tomorrow at the Top

ECHOES January 2021 TOP 25

Echoes January Top 25

  1. Steve RoachTomorrow (Projekt Records) [iTunes]
  2. Marya StarkSapphire (Mayra Stark) [iTunes]
  3. Loga Ramin TorkianBrink of Absolute (Terrestrial Lane) [iTunes]
  4. Dave Bessell & Parallel WorldsPhosphenes (Din Records) [iTunes]
  5. SUSSPromise (Label) [iTunes]
  6. Wax TailorThe Shadow Of Their Suns (Lab’Oratoire) [iTunes]
  7. DigitonalSet the Weather Fair (Just Music) [iTunes]
  8. Nils FrahmTripping with Nils Frahm (Erased Tapes) [iTunes]
  9. London GrammarCalifornian Soil (Ministry of Sound) [iTunes]
  10. Jeremiah FraitesPiano Piano (Decca) [iTunes]
  11. Olafur ArnaldsSome Kind of Peace (Mercury KX) [iTunes]
  12. Green Isac OrchestraBar (Spotted Peccary) [iTunes]
  13. GrandbrothersAll the Unknown (City Slang) [iTunes]
  14. Time TravelerSky Falter (Heart Dance Records) [iTunes]
  15. Ryan DugreThree Rivers (11A Records) [iTunes]
  16. Robin Guthrie & Harold BuddAnother Flower (Darla Records) [iTunes]
  17. Leaving RichmondVisions (Guppy Island) [iTunes]
  18. Alex MaasLuca (Innovative Leisure) [iTunes]
  19. Echo SeasonSolarmetric (Echo Season) [iTunes]
  20. HiatusDistancer (Lucky Thunder) [iTunes]
  21. Eric HiltonThe Impossible Silence (Montserrat House) [iTunes]
  22. SvaraSvara (One Mind Music) [iTunes]
  23. Joe WongNite Creatures (decca) [iTunes]
  24. Ane BrunAfter the Great Storm (Balloon Ranger) [iTunes]
  25. darkDARKFeel So Much (Nettwerk Records)

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