Echoes Top 25 September 2022: All India Radio at the Top

All India Radio, Mary Fahl and Taiyo Rey Top Echoes Top 25 for September,


  1. All India RadioThe Generator Of All Infinity (All India Radio)
  2. Mary FahlCan’t Get It Out Of My Head (Rimar Records) [iTunes]
  3. Taiyō ReyVisitor (Saul Stokes) [iTunes]
  4. Mark PetersRed Sunset Dream (Sonic Cathedral) [iTunes]
  5. Rebecca PidgeonParts of Speech Pieces of Sound (Self) [iTunes]
  6. FallenOur Dreams Will Be Told (Rohs Records)
  7. Jan HammerSeasons Pt. 2 (Red Gate Records) [iTunes]
  8. Marketa IrglovaLila (Marketa Irglova Music) [iTunes]
  9. airport peoplefrom nine mornings (Whited Sepulchre Records) [iTunes]
  10. LumenetteAll Around My Head (Hammock Music) [iTunes]
  11. Lisa Gerrard & Marcello De FrancisciExaudia (Atlantic Curve) [iTunes]
  12. Sverre Knut JohansenMetahuman (Spotted Peccary) [iTunes]
  13. RöyksoppProfound Mysteries II (Dog Triumph) [iTunes]
  14. Sherry Finzer & VeeRonna RagoneMystic Breezes (Awareness/Heart Dance) [iTunes]
  15. Consider the SourceHybrid Vol. 1: Such as a Mule (Ropeadope) [iTunes]
  16. Rival ConsolesNow Is (Erased Tapes Records) [iTunes]
  17. YottoErased Dreams (REFLECTIONS) [iTunes]
  18. Daniel LanoisPlayer, Piano (Modern Recordings) [iTunes]
  19. AvalonEarth Water Air Fire (Crammed Discs) [iTunes]
  20. Paddy MulcahyAngel’s Share (XXIM) [iTunes]
  21. Jill HaleyThe Forests and Shores of Acadia (Coranglais) [iTunes]
  22. Rodrigo y GabrielaWeird Fishes (Single) (Bandcamp) [iTunes]
  23. MUNAMUNA (Saddest Factory) [iTunes]
  24. Diane ArkenstoneCool Waters of Life (Diane Arkenstone) [iTunes]
  25. Liminal DrifterCortisol 22 (Hidden Shoals Recordings) [iTunes]
Mary Fahl - Can't Get It Out Of My Head
Taiyo Rey - Visitor
Mark Peters - Red Sunset Dreams
Rebecca Pidgeon - Parts of Speech Pieces of Sound


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