Echoes Top 25 November 2021: Marconi Union on Top

November 2021 Top 25

November 2021 Top 25



  1. Marconi UnionSignals (Just Music)
  2. frostlakeThe Weight of Clouds (Discus Music) [iTunes]
  3. Mark DwaneEarthlings (Mark Dwane Music) [iTunes]
  4. Rufus du SolSurrender (Rose Avenue) [iTunes]
  5. Phil KeaggyAcoustic Sketches Vol 3 (Bandcamp) [iTunes]
  6. HammockElsewhere (Hammock Music) [iTunes]
  7. Mars LasarCoastal Escape (Sound Manipulations) [iTunes]
  8. Rena JonesAllegories (Cartesian Binary Recordings) [iTunes]
  9. Peter GregsonPatina (Deutsche Grammophon) [iTunes]
  10. Robin GuthriePearldiving (Soleil Après Minuit) [iTunes]
  11. Marissa NadlerThe Path of the Clouds (Sacred Bones) [iTunes]
  12. Brigitte BardiniStellar Lights (Ruby Valley Records) [iTunes]
  13. Beach HouseOnce Twice Melody (Sub Pop Records) [iTunes]
  14. TrentemøllerMemoria (In My Room) [iTunes]
  15. SaycetLayers (Meteores Music) [iTunes]
  16. HumbirdStill Life (Green Thumb) [iTunes]
  17. Donna De LoryGone Beyond (De Lory Music) [iTunes]
  18. Ciro HurtadoLuna (Inti Productions) [iTunes]
  19. Kevin Keller – Shimmer (Kevin Keller Productions112) [iTunes]
  20. Andy SummersHarmonics of the Night (Flickering Shadow) [iTunes]
  21. UNAThe Look in Their Eyes
  22. Tom CaufieldPastures of Wonder (Little Creek Music) [iTunes]
  23. Lisa Lynne & Aryeh FrankfurterHarmony House (Lavendar Sky Music) [iTunes]
  24. Various ArtistsPortal : Curated by David Starfire (Gravitas Recordings) [iTunes]
  25. Stereo HypnosisHvolf (Interchill Records) [iTunes]


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