Echoes Podcast: Led Zeppelin Biographer Bob Spitz

Echoes Podcast: Led Zeppelin - The Bob Spitz Biography: The Echoes Interview

Bob Spitz

It’s a Whole Lotta Love for Led Zeppelin on Echoes when we talk with Bob Spitz, author of Led Zeppelin: The Biography. He takes us from poverty to Kashmir, drugs to death and heavy metal to heaven.

Bob Spitz: Look, they were the kings of bad behavior on the road.  They brought bad behavior into the spotlight in rock and roll.  They made it kind of, you know, this is what you do as a rock and roll artist.

And then there’s the music. We talk about fuzz boxes and fantasy lyrics, sex & drugs, occultists and criminals. It’s all part of Bob Spitz’s  book, Led Zeppelin: The Biography, a detailed account of one of rocks most iconic bands. Take a stairway to Bob Spitz and Led Zeppelin in the Echoes Podcast.

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