Echoes Podcast : Wax Tailor & 12th Icon-Moby

In the Echoes Podcast, two musicians who may have been separated at birth, Wax Tailor and Moby.  First up it’s the vocal cut-ups and trip-hop beats of Wax Tailor. The French composer’s new album, The Shadow of Their Suns slices and dices social injustice in the 21st century.  Wax Tailor is Jean-Christophe Le Saoût, and The Shadow of their Suns is his most political album to date, while still being fueled by great beats and riotous vocal cut-ups. The video for “Misery“, which we posted last year gives you an idea of where Wax Tailor’s mind is at.

Then it’s the 12th Icon of Echoes, Moby. For the last 35 years, this electronic artist has been influencing music from techno to downtempo songs and something beyond. His 1999 album, Play, was the last iconic recording of the 20th century and he continues into the 21st century. He’s had three Echoes CD of the Month picks, Wait for Me, Destroyed, Innocents and Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt.  We look back across his music and profile this fascinating, sometimes controversial artist.

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