Wax Tailor’s Dark Video for Misery-A Slice of 2020 Dystopia

Wax Tailor's 2020 Dystopian "Misery" Video

Anyone in the mood for a bit of dystopia with a resonance in contemporary times and a certain president of The United States of America?  French electronic, downtempo artist Wax Tailor has it for us in a new video for “Misery” off his forthcoming album, The Shadow of Their Suns due in January. It features some dark animation of emoticon happy face people trapped in a disintegrating world and smiling through it all until they aren’t. The animation from Burkay Turk is brilliant, painting an urban landscape of mass surveillance, censorship and a politician telling us we will be great again.  Who could that be?   The song taps Wax Tailor’s penchant for downtempo sultriness with singer Rosemary Standley but contrasts it with a spoken word overlay from Mario Cuomo, the Governor of New York bewailing the inequities in this country.  All combined it paints a picture of the spirit gone to dust.  Wax Tailor has been a favorite here for a while and his 2014 album, Phonovisions Symphonic Orchestra, was an Echoes CD of the Month in 2014.


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