Non-Narrated Echoes Stream: Week 23, 2020

A Seven-Hour uninterrupted stream of Echoes programs.

Seven hours of continuous, uninterrupted music from Echoes, featuring Taimane, Dead Can Dance, Robin Guthrie & Harold Budd, and more.

Echoes Week 23-2020
0:00:16 Taimane Water Elemental
0:05:24 Bryan Carrigan Beginnings Passing Lights
0:09:25 Half Waif Brace The Caretaker
0:12:55 Henrik Lindstrand Havet Nattresan
0:15:39 Atomic Skunk Heart of the Whale God Cetacea
0:22:10 Howling Bind Colure
0:26:15 Taimane Hades (Pluto) Elemental
0:29:43 Angel Olsen All Mirrors (Johnny Jewel Remix) All Mirrors Remix
0:33:04 Drogtech Long Way Home Fractured
0:36:07 Stubbleman Great River Road (Miss Kittin Remix) Great River Road (Miss Kittin Remix)
0:39:50 Sean Quinn Loop Thereof Skylines
0:43:03 Robert Schroeder Secret Elements C’est Magique
0:47:59 AOMusic Aumakua Grow Wild
0:53:19 Ultraísta Water In My Veins Sister
0:58:22 Kidso Childhood (Original) Childhood Single
1:02:12 Nicolas Godin Turn Right Turn Left Concrete And Glass
1:05:41 Nicholas Gunn Chasing the Light Pacific Blue
1:09:47 Llynks Purified Become The Root
1:13:45 AvaWaves Into The Deep Waves
1:17:07 Austra` Anywayz Hirudin
1:20:50 Nigel Mullaney Kessel Run Behind the Sky Presents: Portals
1:26:05 H. Moon Devotion Trustblood
1:30:15 Ametrom A Stone Groove The Great Western Industrial Zone
1:35:44 Agnes Obel Stretch Your Eyes Citizen of Glass
1:40:36 David Helpling Isle In Half Light Rune
1:48:23 Marissa Nadler & Stephen Brodsky In the Air Tonight In the Air Tonight (single)
1:53:53 Dead Can Dance Act I: Dance of the Bacchante Dionysus
1:58:21 Tricky Valentine False Idols
2:01:30 Agnes Obel Myopia Myopia
2:06:36 Tigerforest Over You (feat Roberta Carter Harrison) Discovery
2:10:44 Sharon Van Etten Beaten Down Beaten Down Single
2:14:31 Nicholas Godin We Forgot Love (ft Kadjha Bonet) Concrete and Glass
2:19:28 Love Inks Rock On E.S.P.
2:21:33 Stephanie Sante Ripples In Time Dark Matter Evolution
2:25:39 Akara Adoration of the Light The World Beyond
2:36:08 Yppah Dreams Like You (feat. Shaunna Heckman) Sunset In The Deep End
2:41:43 Areni Agbabian Patience Bloom
2:48:58 Gracie & Rachel Upside Down Gracie & Rachel
2:52:53 Trance Mission Inflatable Dream Le Pendu
2:57:47 Lightning Dust Fire Flesh And Bone Fantasy
3:02:01 Yppah Tree Ghost Sunset In The Deep End
3:06:54 Alice Glass Sleep It Off The Turning (OST)
3:09:31 Stephanie Sante Quantum Entanglement Dark Matter Evolution
3:14:29 Isobel Campbell Runnin’ Down A Dream There Is No Other
3:17:44 I Think Like Midnight Acolyte This Land Is Your Mind
3:21:20 Frankie Rose The Depths Herein Wild
3:24:38 Darshan Ambient Ah! Sunflower A Day Like Any Other
3:28:30 Hollan Holmes The Truth Laid Bare Milestones
3:34:00 Lisa Lynne & Aryeh Frankfurter My Lagan Love Weaving Worlds
3:37:34 Basia Bulat Already Forgiven Are You In Love
3:40:32 Pat Metheny You Are From This Place
3:45:43 Agnes Obel Camera’s Rolling Myopia
3:50:17 Evenfall Evening Shadows Indigo Skies
3:55:23 Niemi Joella/By the River Spiraalit/Spirals
3:59:11 Wilsen Wedding Ruiner
4:02:28 Michael Hoenig Hanging Garden Transfer Departure from the Northern Wasteland
4:13:12 Thievery Corporation Sweet Tides (featuring LouLou) Symphonik
4:17:46 Naneum Gametic Life Cycle
4:21:43 John Doan Leaving Dun Laoghaire Departures
4:26:40 Michael Whalen The Pure And The Calm Sacred Spaces
4:32:50 Myrkur Gudernes Vilje Folkesange
4:36:37 Agnes Obel Broken Sleep Myopia
4:41:28 Vic Hennegan Altitude 360 Unreleased
4:48:52 Syriana The Great Game The Road To Damascus
4:53:47 Grimes Darkseid (with PAN) Miss Anthropocene
4:57:20 Gundelach Moon Perfume My Frail Body
5:01:09 Ane Brun Don’t Run and Hide Single
5:04:50 Sherry Finzer Elements of Light Transcendence
5:14:30 Yppah Shot Into The Sun Sunset In The Deep End
5:19:34 Bel Canto Birds of Passage Birds of Passage
5:24:55 Sufjan Stevens & Lowell Brams What It Takes Aporia
5:28:09 Jonathan E. Blake Alaska 05 Alaska
5:35:08 Alice Glass Sleep It Off The Turning (OST)
5:37:56 Ryan Farish Not so Strange Art for Life
5:41:41 Don Latarski Shadow Crossing Frozen Moments
5:47:12 Robin Guthrie & Harold Budd How Distant Your Heart After the Night Falls
5:51:03 Forrest Fang In Air It Seems Ancient Machines
5:55:43 Nigel Mullaney Lethargy 3 Days
6:01:15 Phil Thornton Footsteps into the Evening Coastal Moods
6:09:03 Seamus Egan Everything Always Was Early Bright
6:13:26 Tigerforest The Meeting Discovery
6:18:34 Al Jewer Dream Time A Better Life (v/a)
6:24:00 Sonic Yogi Finding Theta Be the Love You Seek
6:31:13 Richard Bone The Serene Mr Axene Empyrean Castles
6:36:57 Darshan Ambient City of the Seven Hymns A Day Like Any Other
6:42:09 Barrett Martin The Twilight Hour Indwell
6:45:02 Liz Story Out Of Time 17 Seconds to Anywhere
6:50:28 Yann Tiersen Prad (Feat. Stephen O’Malley) Portrait
6:54:23 Paul Haslinger Room 3 Exit Ghost
6:57:42 Richard Souther Awhile in Your Thoughts Within the Frame
7:00:57 Lane 8 Groundhog Day Brightest Lights
7:04:35 Bruce Cockburn April in Memphis Crowing Ignites
7:09:45 Hans Christian Cryogenic Dreams After The Fall
7:17:21 George Wallace Relativity The Exquisite Now
7:24:39 Remote Vision The Outer Plateau- 2 The Outer Plateau

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