Echoes October Top 25: David Arkenstone Goes Sky High

Echoes Top 25 for October - David Arkenstone's Colors of the Ambient Sky tops the list

for October 2018

        1. David ArkenstoneColors Of The Ambient Sky (QDV)Apple iTunes
        2. Dead Can DanceDionysus (PIAS)Apple iTunes
        3. William FitzsimmonsMission Bell (Nettwerk) Apple iTunes
        4. ELEONDreams Beyond Terra (Heart Dance Records)Apple iTunes
        5. Talitha RiseAn Abandoned Orchid House (Coven Tree Records)Apple iTunes
        6. Olafur Arnaldsre: member (Mercury KX) Apple iTunes
        7. Buck CurranMorning Haikus Afternoon Ragas (Esp Disk Ltd.)Apple iTunes
        8. Lyla FoyBigger Brighter (Lyla Foy)Apple iTunes
        9. ClozeeEvasion
        10. Tom CaufieldDeep Cuts From The Moral Wilderness (Bohemian Embassy)Apple iTunes
        11. The BreathLet the Cards Fall (Real World) Apple iTunes
        12. All India RadioSpace (All India Radio) Apple iTunes
        13. BeaconGravity Pairs (Ghostly International) Apple iTunes
        14. OrbitalMonsters Exist (ACP Recordings Ltd)Apple iTunes
        15. Byron MetcalfInner Rhythm Meditations Vol IIApple iTunes
        16. FaraoPure-O (Western Vinyl) Apple iTunes
        17. Ruby HauntBlue Hour (Ruby Haunt)
        18. Erik ScottA Trick Of The Wind (Erik Scott)Apple iTunes
        19. Dr. Deep HousePeace Forever (SINE MUSIC) Apple iTunes
        20. Still CornersSlow Air (Wrecking Light)Apple iTunes
        21. Marissa NadlerFor My Crimes (Sacred Bones)Apple iTunes
        22. Stephanie SanteClear Light (Sante Music)Apple iTunes
        23. Carl WeingartenThis Is Where I Found You (Multiphase Records)
        24. Thomas Lemmer & Christoph Sebastian PabstTiefblauhorizont (SINE MUSIC)Apple iTunes
        25. Liminal DrifterThe Dreams (Hidden Shoal) Apple iTunes

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