Weekend, August 11 & 12, 2018-Echoes Program 1832A

Guitar Giant John McLaughlin

On the next Echoes, a giant of the guitar, John McLaughlin. He’s announced his retirement from regular touring and last year, returned to the seminal music he made with the Mahavishnu Orchestra in the 1970s. We look back with John McLaughlin a musician who was always going forward.

Weekend, August 11 & 12 Echoes Program 1832A

Start Time Group Name Song Name Album Name

First Half Hour

0:01:00 Mahavishnu Orchestra Sanctuary Birds of Fire
0:06:00 Gracie And Rachel (Un)Comfortable Victoria Place: Echoes Live 23
0:11:17 Olafur Arnald inconsists RE:Member
0:15:45 Kate Bush Breathing Never For Ever
0:20:39 Beach House Girl Of The Year 7
0:24:25 All India Radio Sonda IV Space

Second Half Hour

0:30:00 Interview: John McLaughlin
0:40:00 John McLaughlin & Jimmy Herring A Lotus on Irish Streams Live in San Francisco
0:47:00 Tunng ABOP Songs You Make At Night
0:51:29 Mark Holland/Sherry Finzer Evening Star Somewhere New
0:55:36 Kila Chuin Na Farraige Sios Soisin

Third Half Hour

1:01:00 Charlie North 24 Push Cosmic Chill Lounge Vol. 8
1:06:00 Talitha Rise Valley An Abandoned Orchid House
1:11:06 Erik Scott The Invisible Wand A Trick Of The Wind
1:15:31 Cigarettes After Sex Crush Crush (single)
1:19:08 Hammock Snowburn Floating World/Snowburn
1:23:52 Mary Fahl Siren Love & Gravity

Fourth Half Hour

1:30:00 Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble Summer In The High Grassland Observatory: The Echoes Living Room Concerts volume 11
1:32:33 Mamak Khadem Flaming Sun The Road
1:37:14 Humandala Humandala/Sun Cycles Sun Cycles
1:46:45 break
1:47:30 David Arkenstone Visitors Colors Of The Ambient Sky
1:52:46 Conner Youngblood The Birds Of Finland Cheyenne
1:55:36 Govannen The Heart Of The Well Healing Waters: The Legends of the Chalice Well

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  1. Dennis
    August 11, 2018 at 10:42 pm

    There was a band that was compared to the Cocteau Twins but I missed their name. Can someone reply with it if known?

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