Michael Hewett, Performing Live On Echoes Stream

Michael Hewett Live Echoes Stream

Michael Hewett

Michael Hewett is a finger-style guitarist inspired by Michael Hedges’ two-handed tapping approach, but he has found his own way, creating a deeply melodic music and using enhanced guitar processing to create an enveloping sound. He’s also a Yoga Master. The two came together in perfectly-balanced music when Michael Hewett played live on Echoes.  Hewett’s track “Gold” from this performance appears on our album, Victoria Place: Echoes Live 23Now you can hear the whole concert right here.

In Concert: Michael Hewett
Michael Hewett
Sayadina (Live) 
Michael Hewett
Gold (Live) 
Michael Hewett
Beauty (Live) 
Michael Hewett
Aya (Live) 
Michael Hewett
Lilith (Live) 

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