Monday, August 13th, 2018-Echoes Program 1833A

Singer Olivia Chaney Live on Echoes

Olivia Chaney comes in to Echoes to play live. She’s an English singer who is expanding the sound of folk music. She was part of the Grammy nominated Offa Rex group with The Decemberists. We’ll hear live versions of songs from her latest solo album, Shelter, and a traditional tune from the Offa Rex album, The Queen of Hearts.

Monday, August 13th
Echoes Program 18-33A
Start Time Group Name Song Name Album Name
 First Half Hour
0:00:00 Gordi Bitter End Victoria Place: Echoes Live 23
0:06:00 Loop Guru The Third Chamber Part 1: 9am Distant Train Zero Gravity
0:13:53 Cold Specks Echoes Live 23: Fool’s Paradise Victoria Place: Echoes Live 23
0:17:44 Them Are Us Too Amends Amends
0:23:28 Johann Johannsson Children Of The New Dawn Mandy (OST)
 Second Half Hour
0:30:00 In Concert: Olivia Chaney
0:31:26 Olivia Chaney House on a Hill (live) Shelter
0:36:02 Olivia Chaney IOU (live) Shelter
0:40:24 Olivia Chaney Arches (live) Shelter
0:46:40 Olivia Chaney Willie O Winsbury (live) The Queen of Hearts (Offa Rex)
0:54:03 Olivia Chaney Roman Holiday (live) Shelter
 Third Half Hour
1:01:00 James Hood Tapestry (Remixed) Mesmerica
1:06:00 Klaus Schulze Quae Simplex Silhouettes
1:16:20 Perfume Genius Alan (Lauren Auder Remix) Reshaped
1:19:18 Lyla Foy No God Bigger Brighter
1:22:57 David Arkenstone Blue Lightning Colors Of The Ambient Sky
 Fourth Half Hour
1:30:00 Hammock Floating World Floating World/Snowburn
1:33:21 Cornelia Murr Cicada Lake Tear of the Clouds
1:37:10 Still Corners The Message Slow Air
1:42:00 break
1:42:40 Half Waif Severed Logic form a
1:46:09 DF TRAM Lovers Radio (Bravo Foxhole Orb Remix) Serenitay Infinitay
1:50:53 Orchestra Of The Upper Atmosphere Solar Prominences Theta 3

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  1. I caught part of the Olivia Chaney segment on the way home from the grocery store Monday night and was in awe. I had to sit in the car in the garage to listen to the rest of the program. What a beautiful voice!!

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