Thursday, Sept 15, 2022 – Echoes Program 2237D

Colin Rayment's Electronic "Equilibrium" and Sherry Finzer & VeeRonna Ragone's acoutic "Mystic Breezes" Tonight on Echoes.

Slow Flow Echoes

On a Slow Flow Echoes, music by Colin Rayment from his album, Equilibrium, a journey of sequencer-driven sounds that might have you questioning your own balance. We’ll also hear from Sherry Finzer and VeeRonna Ragone from their album of flute and harp duets, Mystic Breezes. They blow though the next Echoes with John Diliberto from PRX.

Thursday, September 15, 2022 – Echoes Program 2237D
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Start Time

Group Name

Song Name

Album Name

First Half Hour

0:01:00 Vin Downes Above The Meadow (For Will) Three Evenings
0:06:00 General Fuzz Circle Up Study Music
0:11:38 Colin Rayment Motion in a Sensory Plane Equilibrium
0:19:54 Jerry Folk sadsongwtf Castle Tapes
0:22:44 Taiyo Rey Quantum Visitor

Second Half Hour

0:30:00 Paddy Mulcahy Angel’s Share Angel’s Share
0:34:50 airport people from morning no. 1 From Nine Mornings
0:40:36 Jan Hammer Codename Ruby Theme Seasons Pt. 2
0:43:15 Karmacoda Time (Birds Of The West Remix) Time (single)
0:46:11 Brian Fechino & Cass Anawaty It’s Okay To Let Go Let Go
0:49:41 Fallen Undisclosed Promises Our Dreams Will Be Told 
0:54:50 Juliet Lyons & John McLean Allan Stones and Circles Nova

Third Half Hour

1:01:00 Tropo Twilight Fox Siente Tu Corazón
1:06:01 Yotto Night Walk Erased Dreams
1:10:32 Sherry Finzer & VeeRonna Ragone Following the Path Mystic Breezes
1:15:51 Aukai Azure Apricity
1:18:51 Martin Roth Waves (with Tom Ashbrook) Mono No Aware
1:23:19  Avalon Linked (Move D Remix) Earth Water Air Fire

Fourth Half Hour

1:30:00 Consider the Source Song For Robert Hybrid Vol. 1: Such As A Mule
1:36:30 Mountains of Jura San Antonio Mountains of Jura
1:42:18 Liminal Drifter Tidal Reverie Cortisol 22
1:47:54 All India Radio Full Of Stars The Generator Of All Infinity
1:49:47 All India Radio Transmission 1 The Generator Of All Infinity
1:50:54 All India Radio Wolves Of Orion The Generator Of All Infinity
1:54:28 Carl Lord Outer Boundary Dream Zone


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