Echoes Top 25 August 2022: Lumenette at the Top

Echoes Top 25 August 2022: From Nashville to Siberia, the 25 Best in Chill

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  1. LumenetteAll Around My Head (Hammock Music) [iTunes]
  2. Mary FahlCan’t Get It Out Of My Head (Rimar Records) [iTunes]
  3. airport peoplefrom nine mornings (Whited Sepulchre Records) [iTunes]
  4. Taiyō ReyVisitor (Saul Stokes) [iTunes]
  5. Paddy MulcahyAngel’s Share (XXIM) [iTunes]
  6. YottoErased Dreams (REFLECTIONS) [iTunes]
  7. Rival ConsolesNow Is (Erased Tapes Records) [iTunes]
  8. All India RadioThe Generator Of All Infinity (All India Radio)
  9. Steve TibbettsHellbound Train (ECM) [iTunes]
  10. VLMVSing with Abandon (VLMV) [iTunes]
  11. Vin DownesThree Evenings (Vin Downes) [iTunes]
  12. mmeadowsLight Moves Around You (mmeadows) [iTunes]
  13. Sun’s SignatureSun’s Signature EP (PTKF) [iTunes]
  14. OtykenLegend (Single) (Aboriginal Records) [iTunes]
  15. Taylor SwiftWhere the Crawdads Sing (OST)  (Decca) [iTunes]
  16. Vic HenneganTime Ritual (Vic Hennegan) [iTunes]
  17. ShearwaterThe Great Awakening (Polyborus Music) [iTunes]
  18. Lizette LizetteMiss Gendered (Icons Creating Evil Art) [iTunes]
  19. ASCOriginal Soundtrack (A Strangely Isolated Place) [iTunes]
  20. Alison WonderlandLoner (EMI) [iTunes]
  21. Steve RoachWhat Remains (Projekt) [iTunes]
  22. Tone RangerDesert Rose (Casa Animalia) [iTunes]
  23. Moby & SerpentwithfeetOn Air (Single) (Always Centered At Night) [iTunes]
  24. Jeff Beck & Johnny Depp18 (Rhino) [iTunes]
  25. Diane ArkenstoneCool Waters of Life (Diane Arkenstone) [iTunes]
Mary Fahl - Can't Get It Out Of My Head
airport people - from nine mornings
Taiyo Rey - Visitor
Paddy Mulcahy - Angel's Share
Yotto - Erased Dreams


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