Echoes Top 25 May 2022: Michael Whalen on Top

Echoes Top 25 May 2022: Michael Whalen's Imaginary Trains at the Top.


Michael Whalen at the top.

  1. Michael WhalenImaginary Trains (Michael Whalen Music) [iTunes]
  2. AnimalweaponSet of Constraints (Polychromatic Records) [iTunes]
  3. Tone RangerDesert Rose (Casa Animalia) [iTunes]
  4. RoyksoppProfound Mysteries (Dog Triumph) [iTunes]
  5. NaneumAutumn (Naneum) [iTunes]
  6. David HelplingIN (Spotted Peccary) [iTunes]
  7. I Am Snow AngelLost World (I Am Snow Angel) [iTunes]
  8. Carl LordDream Zone (Heart Dance Records) [iTunes]
  9. Sharon Van EttenWe’ve Been Going About This All Wrong (Jagjaguwar) [iTunes]
  10. The SmileA Light for Attracting Attention (XL Recordings) [iTunes]
  11. TrentemøllerMemoria (In My Room) [iTunes]
  12. tstewart/MachinedrumElysian (Mercury Classics) [iTunes]
  13. NIN3SHopeyard (Dorado Records) [iTunes]
  14. WarpaintRadiate Like This (Virgin) [iTunes]
  15. Zola JesusArkhon (Sacred Bones) [iTunes]
  16. RY XBlood Moon (BMG) [iTunes]
  17. AeTopusUrbus (12Ton Productions) [iTunes]
  18. BeliefVersions (EP) (Lex Records) [iTunes]
  19. VariousFragments / Erik Satie (v/a) (Deutsche Grammophon)
  20. SomatoastCreation is Creation (Gravitas) [iTunes]
  21. OtykenStorm (Single) (Aboriginal Records) [iTunes]
  22. EvenfallEye of the Storm (Single) (Heart Dance Records) [iTunes]
  23. Paul Winter ConsortConcert in the Barn (Living Music Records) [iTunes]
  24. Sherry Finzer & KarasvanaCentered (Heart Dance Records) [iTunes]
  25. David FranklinPassings (David Franklin) [iTunes]
Animal Weapon - Set of Constraints
Tone Ranger - Desert Rose
Royksopp - Profound Mysteries
Naneum - Autumn
David Helping - IN


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