Non-Narrated Echoes Stream: Week 24, 2021

Non Narrated Echoes - Week 24-2021

Eight hours of continuous, uninterrupted music from Echoes, featuring Agnes ObelMoby, Erik Wollo, Stephan Micus, and many more.

Week 24-2021
0:00:00 Agnes Obel Myopia (Live in Brooklyn) Live from Brooklyn
0:04:52 Bill Nelson Green Tiger In The Gold Dazzlebox
0:07:59 Daniel Avery Hazel and Gold Together In Static
0:11:54 Lechner-Tsabropoulos Trois Morceaux Apres des Hymns Byzantins Chants Hymns and Dances
0:16:34 Moby The Great Escape (Reprise Version – feat Nataly Dawn/ Alice Skye/Luna Li) Reprise
0:19:11 Johan Agebjörn & Mikael Ögren Static Air Artefact
0:23:43 The Mastelottos Matte Kudasai A Romantic’s Guide to King Crimson
0:27:56 Charlie Roscoe Shinobe Light The Dreaming Temple
0:33:37 Sunstrom Sound Reseeding Stormspace
0:38:34 Good Lee Panda Journey Water Diary
0:43:55 Yaima The Air.The Oil.The Water. The Soil OvO
0:49:08 Lanterna Cupola Hidden Drives
0:54:39 Glüme Heatwave The Internet
0:58:33 Cluster Zum Wohl Sowiesoso
1:05:16 Portico Quartet Terrain: I Terrain
1:23:24 Pink Floyd On The Run Dark Side Of The Moon
1:26:22 Chris Liebing Whispers and Wires (feat. Ladan) Another Day
1:32:12 Clannad Cití Na gCumann Nádúr
1:36:59 St. Vincent Somebody Like Me Daddy’s Home
1:40:29 Christopher Willits Connect Opening
1:47:41 All India Radio Brave All India Radio with Leona Gray
1:52:52 Lanterna Flag Hidden Drives
1:59:58 Agnes Obel Camera’s Rolling (Live in Brooklyn) Live from Brooklyn
2:04:10 Majestica Beautiful Simplicity Spire
2:08:07 Adna November Black Water
2:11:25 Aphex Twin Lmt user48736353001
2:13:32 Reza Safinia Yantra Yang
2:19:09 Japanese Breakfast Posing In Bondage Jubilee
2:23:08 Dan Siegel New Jungle Another Time Another Place
2:26:08 Clara Ponty In The Shadow Of Stars Observatory: The Echoes Living Room Concerts volume 11 (v/a)
2:30:58 Brian Eno & Harold Budd The Pearl The Pearl
2:33:54 Audrey Nuna Long Year A Liquid Breakfast
2:36:52 Tim Farrell Echoes Of Ages Codas
2:45:53 Olivier Libaux Burn the Witch (feat. Clare Manchon) Uncovered Queens of the Stone Age
2:48:21 Jake Shimabukuro Wish You Were Here Jake Shimabukuro Trio
2:53:02 Hania Rani Tennen Home
2:58:36 Zola Jesus Lawless Taiga
3:03:41 Niyaz Ghazal The Best Of Niyaz
3:09:10 Good Lee Heart of Glass Water Diary
3:12:59 Enya Book Of Days Shepherd Moons
3:15:27 Ulrich Schnauss & Jonas Munk Return To Burlington Eight Fragments of an Illusion
3:21:15 Rodrigo y Gabriela Oblivion The Jazz EP
3:26:22 Banco De Gaia All Sleeping (Desert Dwellers Remix) Night Visions 3: Desert Dwellers Remix
3:32:38 Maple Glider Swimming As Tradition (single)
3:36:45 The Anahit Heart Alive Heart Alive (single)
3:39:58 Lena Natalia Empty Gallery Straight is the Gate
3:43:11 Darshan Ambient The Republic of Dreams A Day Like Any Other
3:47:51 Oliver Tank I Love You Dreams
3:50:52 Erik Wøllo All the Way North Star
3:56:24 Lana Del Rey Beaches Lust for Life
4:01:08 Stephan Micus Black Mother Winter’s End
4:05:02 Soft Machine Lotus Groves Land of Cockayne
4:09:52 Compilations Times Are Good (Somerimes Remix) Imaginary Friends (v/a)
4:17:23 Japanese Breakfast Sit Jubilee
4:20:19 Mimi Page This Fire Breathe Me In
4:23:30 Jalan Jalan Sekar: Spirit of Plants Bali Dua
4:29:31 The Cranberries Linger Something Else
4:33:35 Peppino D’Agostino Close To Heaven Close To The Heart
4:37:04 Hania Rani Summer Home
4:42:22 Carl Weingarten Skying Out Ember Days
4:46:39 Erik Wollo Viewpoint North Star
4:52:55 Stephan Micus Sun Dance Winter’s End
4:58:01 Charlie Roscoe The Dreaming Temple The Dreaming Temple
5:06:22 Emancipator/Rena Jones/Flowerpulse Iceland Xylem
5:12:50 Gold Lounge Green Land Green Land (EP)
5:17:07 Mogwai Dry Fantasy As The Love Continues
5:22:05 Ian Boddy & Marcus Reuter Trails Outland
5:30:20 Bill Nelson Unearthlings Dazzlebox
5:34:51 Ali Calderwood Mountain Waters Starseed EP
5:40:10 Chris Liebing Something Half Way Another Day
5:45:12 Steve Moore + Bluetech Memory Beta Liminal Migration
5:50:39 Deborah Martin & Jill Haley Fountains The Silence of Grace
5:56:33 Sufjan Stevens Meditation X Convocations
6:00:02 I Think Like Midnight Head Illuminator Interim Contingent
6:04:07 Lanterna Maine 262 Hidden Drives
6:09:25 Reza Safinia Shiva Yang
6:19:14 Erik Wøllo Color of Mind Timelines
6:23:46 London Grammar All My Love Californian Soil
6:28:02 Fiona Joy Hawkins Prayer For Rain (Album Version) Moving Through Worlds
6:31:59 Tor Eleuthera Oasis Sky
6:35:47 Enya Sancta Maria Dark Sky Island
6:39:25 Paul McCartney Seize the Day (with Phoebe Bridgers) McCartney III Imagined
6:42:37 All India Radio Afterworld Afterworld
6:45:39 Ulrich Schnauss & Jonas Munk Narkomfin Eight Fragments Of An Illusion
6:50:37 Leandrul Electroconvulsive Memory Psychosis of Dreams
6:55:21 Comit Still Life An Ocean Of Thoughts
7:02:14 Ólafur Arnalds re:member re:member
7:07:57 Lili Haydn The Devil You Know More Love
7:12:09 Gileah Taylor Going Home (Dream Mix) Till We’re Through
7:17:00 Tritonal Centered (Original Mix) Reverence
7:20:16 Twilight Archive The Divining Rod Mood Chain
7:25:48 Decouplr Serotonin Fund Digital Bonfire
7:30:58 Shpongle Shpongle Spores Are You Shpongled?
7:37:42 Lisa Gerrard / Jules Maxwell / James Chapman Keson (Until My Strength Returns) Burn
7:41:55 Andy Bell The Commune (Pye Corner Remix) See My Friends
7:46:43 Tom Caufield Brain Dance Arrive And Disappear
7:52:05 Lena Natalia Exhale Start Again Lonely Satellite
7:54:40 Kristin Hoffmann Let Go The Human Compass
7:58:52 Deborah Martin & Jill Haley Water Flows of Clouds and Thunder The Silence of Grace


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