Tuesday, May 18, 2021 – Echoes Program 2120B

Mythos Celebrates 25 Years

The Canadian band Mythos (as opposed to the German space music band Mythos), celebrates its 25th Anniversary in 2021 with a new collection and new songs. Founders Bob D’Eith, now a member of Canada’s Parliament, and guitarist Paul Schmidt talk about their chilled instrumental sound going back to their 1996 debut, Introspection. Join us for the saga of Mythos on Echoes.

Tuesday, May 18, 2021 – Echoes Program 2120B
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Start Time

Group Name

Song Name

Album Name

First Half Hour

0:01:01 Ane Brun Don’t Run and Hide After the Great Storm
0:06:01 Andy Bell The Commune (Pye Corner Remix) See My Friends
0:11:33 Audrey Nuna Space Space (Single)
0:14:40 Steve Moore + Bluetech Gutter Talk Liminal Migration
0:19:37 AO Music Kai Holo Kutumba
0:23:45 Bo Hansson The Black Riders & Flight To The Ford Lord Of The Rings

Second Half Hour

0:30:01 Interview: Mythos
0:43:35 Mythos November Dance – Hit Single (Remi XXV
0:46:58 Mythos Planinata XXV
0:50:17 Mythos Catana Eros
0:54:28 Mythos Bonum et Malum XXV

Third Half Hour

1:01:01 ELEON Will Your Heart Dance With Mine Dreams Beyond Terra
1:06:01 Hania Rani Nest (Portico Quartet Remix) Nest (Portico Quartet Remix) Single
1:09:32 London Grammar Talking Californian Soil
1:12:42 Moby Natural Blues (Reprise Version with Gregory Porter and Amethyst Klah) Reprise
1:17:02 BJ Cole with Guy Jackson Sublime 2: The Great Bear Transparent Music 2
1:23:05 Nathan Speir Zephyrs In The Wetland Smiles From A Melancholy Man

Fourth Half Hour

1:30:01 Tom Caufield The Little We Choose Arrive And Disappear
1:35:51 Beth Orton She Cries Your Name Trailer Park
1:40:29 Bill Nelson My Amigo Dazzlebox
1:43:50 break
1:44:30 Sufjan Stevens Meditation VIII Convocations
1:46:09 Trigaida Sluntseto Trepti (Carmen Rizzo Remix) Sluntseto Trepti [Single]
1:50:24 Bill Laswell Lost Roads Hear No Evil


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