Monday, Jan. 13, 2020 – Echoes Program 2002A

A Deep Dive into the World of Steve Roach

We take a deep dive into the world of Steve Roach. The prolific electronic artist has been part of Echoes for all of its 30 years and more. We’ve chronicled his electronic evolution more than anyone. Steve released several albums in 2019 including Bloom Ascension and Trance Archeology. After several years of modular synth strategies, Ambient-Tribal music returns. We talk about them and new directions with Steve Roach on Echoes.

Monday, January 13, 2019 – Echoes Program 2002A
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Start Time

Group Name

Song Name

Album Name

First Half Hour

0:01:00 Steve Roach Seeking Empetus
0:06:00 Taimane Ether Elemental
0:09:50 Agnes Obel Broken Sleep Myopia
0:14:40 Jeff Johnson/Brian Dunning/Wendy Goodwin When I Return To You Kohelet
0:16:43 Marissa Nadler & Stephen Brodsky In the Air Tonight In the Air Tonight (single)
0:22:00 Mark Shreeve Legion Legion

Second Half Hour

0:30:00 Interview: Steve Roach
0:42:32 Steve Roach The Beauty Relentless Bloom Ascension
0:53:02 Steve Roach Trance Genealogy Trance Archeology

Third Half Hour

1:01:00 Falling You Breathe (featuring Courtney Grace) Shine
1:06:00 Yaima Time Is All We Have OvO
1:10:49 Teebs Atoms Song (featuring Thomas Stankiewicz) Anicca
1:17:15 Seamus Egan 6 Then 5 Early Bright
1:21:58 Kaya Project Obsidian Beats ..& So It Goes

Fourth Half Hour

1:30:00 David Helpling The Heart Of Us Rune
1:40:16 Vellua Sesenio Portrait of Souls
1:44:15 Mappe Of Volcae The Isle of Ailynn
1:47:00 break
1:48:05 Beck Stratosphere Hyperspace
1:51:43 All India Radio End Game Eternal
1:56:28 Ken Verheecke Be Still A Better Life

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As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

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