25 Icons of Echoes

Echoes Listeners Pick 25 Icons of Echoes

As we celebrate 25 Years of Echoes, listeners voted for their favorite Echoes Artists.

25 Icons for 25 Years of Echoes
Herewith, 25 ICONS OF ECHOES
Hear them all tonight on Echoes.

Roach-Press-PhotoEno-X-Legged-Good1   Steve Roach
2   Brian Eno
3   Dead Can Dance/Lisa Gerrard
4   Robert Rich
5   Tangerine Dream
6   Patrick O’Hearn
7   Loreena McKennitt
8   Vangelis
9   Enya
10 Erik Wollo
11 Moby
12 George Winston
13 Michael Hedges
14 Ludovico Einaudi

Lisa Gerrard

Lisa Gerrard

Robert Rich Recording for Echoes in his studio.

Robert Rich Recording for Echoes in his studio.

15 Pat Metheny
16 Will Ackerman
17 Ulrich Schnauss
18 Harold Budd
19 Kitaro
20 California Guitar Trio
21 Klaus Schulze
22 Hammock
23 Darshan Ambient
24 Peter Gabriel
25 Sigur Ros

  5 comments for “25 Icons of Echoes

  1. Congratulations to Erik Wollo ! This is a great acknowledge for him (its about time).!
    I started bying his records when Solstice came out ,and from that time everything is just getting better and better.
    Solstice is a favorite in my (Wollo)collection , but Gateway is a mind blowing Cd , thats my kind of music !!

  2. hey there ahhhhh such a hard choice from there but you know some parts of them very ambient and ambient and so great to fly with dear steve roach and erik
    here its a link that some years ago i made by a phone !!

    • Well nice of you to comment on something that’s three years old, but I always find facile comments like this coming from someone who doesn’t listen, but just has a snobbish agenda to push forward.

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