Podcast: Russel Walder Storms the Psyche

Riding the Storm with Russel Walder: The Echoes Podcast

John Diliberto & Russel Walder Remote interview Screenshot

Our CD Of The Month in November was Speak to the Storm by Russel Walder.  It was so compelling we had to talk to the oboe player who we first knew as one half of the duo Ira Stein and Russel Walder on Windham Hill Records.  The music he makes on his own in his adopted home of New Zealand, is quite a bit darker than anything he recorded with the duo. When he says speak to the storm, he means it.

Russel Walder: I absolutely believe that the internal conscious state of existence is a storm that never ends, ever.

Russel Walder. We’ll be talking to him and weathering the storm in the Echoes Podcast.

Read John Diliberto’s review of Speak to the Storm .


Ira Stein & Russel Walder _ The Underground – A Door in the Air
Russel Walder – The Longer Journey – Speak to the Storm
Russel Walder – Walk on Water – Speak to the Storm
Ira Stein & Russel Walder – Engravings – Transit
Russel Walder – Trusting the Invisible – Speak to the Storm
Russel Walder – The Time Finds Us – Speak to the Storm
Russel Walder – Path to Path – Speak to the Storm
Russel Walder – Conception – Speak to the Storm
Russel Walder – Hidden But Seen – Speak to the Storm
Russel Walder – Beyond Doubt- Speak to the Storm

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