Echoes Podcast: An Interview with Brazil’s Anna

Anna's Ambience Through Alpha Waves: The Echoes Interview.

In the Echoes Podcast we hear electronic sounds from Brazil when we talk to Anna. She started out in thumping hard core Techno but then had her Alpha waves adjusted and came out on the other side of the pandemic with a purely ambient album, Intentions.  She got people like Jon Hopkins, East Forest and Laraaji to collaborate with her. The result is a calm soundscape that revels in melodic cycles. Anna talks about Alpha waves and ambient in the Echoes Podcast..   

Anna Feature Playlist

Anna – Journey to the Underworld – Afterlife
Claudinho & Buchechan – Xereta – So Love
Robert Miles – Children – Soundtracks
Orbital – Belfast (Anna Techno Remix) – 30 Something
Anna – High Contrast – Topic
Anna – Let You In (feat East Forest) – Intentions
Anna – Washing Away – Intentions
Anna – Receiving (feat. Laraaji) – Intentions
Jon Hopkins – Singularity (Anna Remix) – Singularity
Anna – Receiving (Jon Hopkins Piano Mix) – Receiving (Jon Hopkins Piano Mix – Single)
Anna – Invitation – Intentions
Anna – Ayni – Intentions

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