Weekend, June 10-11, 2023 – Robert Rich & Delerium

Echoes June CD of the Month: Traveler's Cloth by Robert Rich


Robert Rich June CD of the Month - Travelers' Cloth

Seduction and entrancement are part of Echoes June CD of the Month. It’s Travelers’ Cloth by Robert Rich. It’s an album of sensual moods threaded on flutes, percussion, ambient lap-steel and synthesizers. Join John Diliberto when he explores Robert Rich’s Travelers’ Cloth, the June CD of the Month on Echoes from PRX.


We enter a hallucinogenic state when we talk with Delerium, the long-lived Canadian dream pop duo. They emerged out of the industrial rock of Front Line Assembly in 1987 and have run in parallel in a perfect yin & yang of noise and serenity. We’ll talk to founder Bill Leeb and longtime collaborator Rhys Fulber about their electronic approach to pop, and working with some of the more heavenly vocalists on the planet including Sarah McLachlan, Mimi Page, Kristy Thirsk and Leigh Nash. They recently released the album, Signs.
Delerium – Sun Storm – Signs
Delerium – Glimmer (Delerium Remix with Mimi Page) – Signs
Front Line Assembly – Body Count – Disorder
Front Line Assembly – Aggression – Disorder
Delerium – Inside the Chamber – Morpheus
Delerium – Morpheusr – Morpheus
Delerium – Flowers Become Screens – Semantic Spaces
Delerium – Silence – Karma
Delerium – SIlence (Fade’s Danctuary Mix) – Silence 2004
Delerium – SIlence (DJ Tiesto Remix) – Silence 2004
Delerium – Rain  – Signs
Delerium – Run For It (with Leigh Nash) – Chimea
Delerium – Remember Love (with Mimi Page) – Signs
Delerium – In the Deep (with KANGA) – Signs
Delerium – Streetcar (with Inna Walters) – Signs
Delerium -Esque – Signs
Delerium – Absolution – Signs

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