Echoes Top 25 January: Bruno Sanfilippo at the Top

Bruno Sanfilippo's REDES #1 on the Echoes January 2023 Top 25 List

Echoes Top 25 - January 2023


Bruno Sanfilippo - REDES ILUITEQ - Reflections from the Road Rena Jones and KiloWatts - Force Multiplier Calum Graham - Sympatheia Hammock - Love in the Void
# Artist Album Label Apple Music
1 Bruno Sanfilippo REDES Ad21 Apple Music Link
2 ILUITEQ Reflections from the Road n5md
3 Rena Jones & KiloWatts Force Multiplier Rena Jones Music Apple Music Link
4 Calum Graham Sympatheia Calum Graham
5 Hammock Love in the Void Hammock Music Apple Music Link
6 Kenneth Hooper As The Crow Flies Astral Wolf Studios Apple Music Link
7 Skullcrusher Quiet The Room Secretly Canadian Apple Music Link
8 numun The Book of Beyond Shimmy Disc Apple Music Link
9 Robert Schroeder Floating Music Spheric Music Apple Music Link
10 Moon And Bike One Moon And Bike Apple Music Link
11 Moodswings Beautifica James Hood
12 Elskavon   Origins Anthem Falls Music Apple Music Link
13 Bill Cornish Moments of Light and Dark Bill Cornish Apple Music Link
14 Emancipator & Lapa 11th Orbit Remixes Loci Records Apple Music Link
15 SUSS SUSS Northern Spy Records Apple Music Link
16 Nightjacket Lonely Archer (EP) Lonely Archer Records Apple Music Link
17 Uèle Lamore Multiply XXIM Records Apple Music Link
18 Michael Brückner Test of Time SynGate Records Apple Music Link
19 d’Voxx 1984 DiN75 Apple Music Link
20 The Time Travelers of the Harmonic Interval The Time Travelers of the Harmonic Interval The Time Travelers of the Harmonic Interval Apple Music Link
21 Mayfly Hideaway Vol 1 Duprince Apple Music Link
22 Ann Licater Whispers from Earth Cul de Sac Mystic Productions Apple Music Link
23 Michael Stearns Chronos (2022 Remaster) Projekt Records Apple Music Link
24 Jeff Oster & Todd Boston Timeless (single) Jeff Oster & Todd Boston Apple Music Link
25 Koresma South Koresma Apple Music Link


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