Weekend, Jan 14-15, 2023 – Cosey Fanni Tutti Interview

A Trio of Resister Sisters: The Echoes Interview with Cosey Anni Tutti.

Cosey Fanni Tutti

Throbbing Gristle was an English band at the bleeding edge of Industrial rock. Cosey Fanni Tutti was at the center of that band and and one half of the duos, Chris & Cosey and CarterTutti, both with her husband and ex-TG member, Chris Carter. In her acclaimed 2017 autobiography, Art Sex Music, she talked about her career in music as well as her work in stripping, pornographic films and magazines, which she used for her own art works. She’s now released her second book, called Re-Sisters, which draws parallels between medieval mystic Margery Kempe, electronic pioneer Delia Derbyshire and Cosey herself.


John Diliberto and Rebecca Pidgeon

Hear Rebecca Pidgeon live on Echoes. She may be best known as an actress from films like Homicide, The Spanish Prisoner, and State and Main. But she’s also released a string of really good solo albums. However, her latest is a departure. Inspired by her yoga practice, she explores themes of the mind, consciousness and meditation. It’s called Parts of Speech, Pieces of Sound. Playing with a violinist and looping her guitar, hear Rebecca Pidgeon perform songs from it live on Echoes.


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