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Zone Music Awards Show

The Zone Music Awards is the only place that acknowledges New Age, Ambient, Electronic, Solo Piano and World Fusion, all in one place. We take a look at this years ceremony which took place on May 7 in New Orleans with artists like Jeff Oster, Paul Avgerinos, Eric Scott and many more.

James Hood Hangs Ten on a Hang Drum Live on Echoes

Moodswings Maestro Unplugs and Taps Metal Instead of Drums and Computer Keys Live There are only a few new instruments in the 20th century and one of them is the Hang, often referred to as the Hang drum to the consternation of its creators, Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer of PanArts in Switzerland.  They call…

Afro Celts Simon Emmerson in Echoes Podcast

Smells Good & Sounds Good: Afro Celt’s Simon Emmerson’s Fresh Handmade Sound Hear about it in the Echoes Podcast Simon Emmerson smells good.  Not because he’s necessarily so hygienic, but because for the last four years or so he’s been creating custom made spa soundtracks for Lush Spas.  They’re mostly in the UK,  but now…