Echoes In Memoriam: Musicians We Lost in 2022

A Roll Call of Echoes Artists Lost in 2022

Echoes In Memoriam 2022

As we head toward the end of the year, we do a lot of looking back with our “Best of” lists. But here, we remember those who left our music universe in 2022. For the Echoes galaxy of stars, it was a bad year with three icons of the show and electronic music leaving: Vangelis, Klaus Schulze and just a few days ago Manuel Göttsching who also recorded as Ashra. I was literally planning our memoriam show when the news broke of Göttsching’s departure and then, last night, after the show had been put to bed, the news arrived that Angelo Badalamenti of Twin Peaks fame had left us. The passing of Schulze didn’t surprise anyone. We’d been on a death watch for a few years now as the legendary synth artist battled various afflictions. But Vangelis, who succumbed to Covid and Göttsching, who was only 70, was an unwelcome surprise.  In the list below are the Echoes artists who left the planet. I couldn’t squeeze all of  them into our Memoriam broadcast, but the loss of all of them is deep in our hearts. For a more complete list of musicians lost in 2022 go to We Heart Music.

In Memoriam 2022

01/xx/2022 Roger Universe aka Ulrich Muehl

01/09/2022 James Mtume (76)

01/10/2022 Khan Jamal (75)

01/19/2022 Badal Roy (82)

01/30/2022 Jon Appleton (83)

02/06/2022 George Crumb (92)

02/10/2022 Ian MacDonald (75)

02/10/2022 Brian Dunning (Nightnoise, Puck Fair, Jeff Johnson) (70)

02/19/2022 Gary Brooker – Procol Harum (76)

02/22/2022 Mark Lanegan (57)

03/27/2022 David Muddyman (Loop Guru) (65)

04/26/2022 Klaus Schulze (74)

05/03/2022 Peter Frohmader (Nekropolis) (63)

05/17/2022 Vangelis (79)

06/09/2022 Julee Cruise (65)

07/19/2022 Michael Henderson (Miles Davis), (71)

08/31/2022 Mark Shreeve (65)

09/14/2022 Irene Papas (93),

09/21/2022 Anton Fier (The Feelies, The Golden Palominos), (66)

09/24/2022 Pharoah Sanders (81)

09/30/2022 Kevin Locke (68)

10/29/2022 Ryan Karaziya (Low Roar) 40

11/05/2022 Mimi Parker (Low) (55)

11/10/2022 Nik Turner (Hawkwind, Bowie, Lemmy) (82)

11/16/2022 Mick Goodrick (77)

12/03/2022 Phil Strong, (producer-husband Laurel MacDonald) (59)

12/04/2022 Manuel Göttsching (Ashra) (70)

12/09/2022 Herb Deutsch (Co-inventor of Moog synthesizer) (90)

12/12/2022 Angelo Badalamenti (85)

For a complete list of musicians who have passed go to We Heart Music

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