Echoes Podcast: Remembering Vangelis

Echoes Podcast: Vangelis Remembered

In the Echoes Podcast this week, we remember Vangelis. The legendary Greek electronic composer died on May 17th in Paris after complications from the Covid-19 virus. He was 79 years old. Today, we’re going to replay our feature on Vangelis, originally produced in 1999 as he was one of the 10 Icons of of Echoes back then. I reproduced it with newer material in 2009 when he was one of the 20 Icons of Echoes, and again in 2020 when he was The 6th of 30 Icons for 30 Years of Echoes. You can tell that Vangelis has been an important part of Echoes from the very beginning. I was fortunate to interview Vangelis twice, once in 1982 for the show Totally Wired and again in 2001 for Echoes.  We take a deep dive into his life and music from Aphrodite’s Child through Mythodea.  We remember Vangelis on in the Echoes Podcast

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