Echoes Top 25 October: Ian Boddy & Erik Wollo at the Top

Echoes Top 25 October 2022: Ian Boddy & Erik Wollo at the Top

Echoes Top 25


  1. Ian Boddy & Erik WølloRevolve (DIN) [iTunes]
  2. Delay Tactics Elements Of Surprise (Multiphase Records) [iTunes]
  3. Rebecca PidgeonParts of Speech Pieces of Sound (Self) [iTunes]
  4. Desert DwellersNight Visions 4: Desert Dwellers Remixes (v/a) (Desert Trax) [iTunes]
  5. Roger UniverseEarth Express (Spheric Music)
  6. Mark PetersRed Sunset Dream (Sonic Cathedral) [iTunes]
  7. Djam KaretIsland in the Red Night Sky (HC Productions)
  8. YottoErased Dreams (REFLECTIONS) [iTunes]
  9. Robert Rich & Luca FormentiniFor Sundays When It Rains (Soundscape Productions) [iTunes]
  10. Sverre Knut JohansenMetahuman (Spotted Peccary) [iTunes]
  11. Bill NelsonThe Dreamshire Chronicles (Dreamsville)
  12. SomatoastCreation : Evolved (Gravitas) [iTunes]
  13. Ian BoddyCoil (DIN) [iTunes]
  14. Vin DownesThree Evenings (Unknown) [iTunes]
  15. A.O. GerberMeet Me at the Gloaming (Father/Daughter Records) [iTunes]
  16. BadlandsCall to Love (RITE)
  17. Paul Adams & Elizabeth GeyerSanctuary (Lakefront) [iTunes]
  18. Nils FrahmMusic for Animals (Leiter/BMG) [iTunes]
  19. Kyle Dixon and Michael SteinStranger Things 4 (OST) (Lakeshore Records) [iTunes]
  20. Marketa IrglovaLila (Marketa Irglova Music) [iTunes]
  21. Daniel HerskedalOut of the Fog (Edition Records) [iTunes]
  22. George FitzGeraldStellar Drifting (Double Six Records) [iTunes]
  23. Jill HaleyThe Forests and Shores of Acadia (Coranglais) [iTunes]
  24. Yosef Gutman LevittUpside Down Mountain (Bandcamp) [iTunes]
  25. YorkDestinations (Blue Dot Music) [iTunes]
Ian Boddy and Erik Wøllo - Revolve
Delay Tactics - Elements of Surprise
Rebecca Pidgeon - Parts of Speech Pieces of Sound
Desert Dwellers - Night Visions 4
Roger Universe - Earth Express


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