Echoes Podcast: The Otyken Interview

Echoes Podcast: Otyken's Siberian Groove


Experience the Siberian sound of Otyken. They are marrying a tribal sound of the native Chulym people with modern production and the ferocious voice of Azyan. We talked to them from their studio in Siberia where Azyan and Svengali Andrei Mendonos talk about horsehead fiddles, Jaw harps and the primal voice of Azyan. Their latest full-length album is Kykakacha and they’ve just put out a new single, “Legend.” Bundle up with Otyken on Echoes from PRX.

  2 comments for “Echoes Podcast: The Otyken Interview

  1. Great interview John. We been waiting for this one from the first time we heard their music played on echoes. We love this group. Keep playing their music. Too bad xpn did not play it on Monday. Would have loved to hear the music coming out of my system.
    Sending peace and love to the Echoes nation.

    • Thank you Frank. That’s good to hear. XPN not running it was just a technical mistake there. They’ll get it when we rebroadcast that down the road. “Echoes Nation.” I like that.

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